Re- evaluating bagging fruit


So nice to grow fruit where PC or OFM is not a major concern.


Oh, I sprayed the bad stuff for PC. Just twice, tho. That kept the OFM off the fruits, too, and now it’s harvest time for that plum.

I’m still having to spray the peaches. I think OFM may be small enough to defeat the copper mesh. They’ve flagged my peach tips, so they’re definitely around.


If your copper mesh could prevent OFM fruit boring into the fruit, please let me know. I will use it.

Even with timing those buggers, two spray would not work with me. So far, I sprayed every 5-7 days. Still see damage from both PC and OFM and probably coddling moths, too.


I’m afraid they may be small enough to wiggle through. I’d be happy to mail you some as samples and you could experiment this year if you like.

I think PC may be too big! I didn’t order the copper mesh until later in the year, assuming the mesh was bigger than it is. The links are pretty small when you see it in person.


I PM you. Thanks.


I ordered organza bags on line. We bought whatever colors were on sale. We did not calculate the number of peaches correctly ( even after 3-4 rounds of serious thinning. So we had to order a few times. The result as seen below.

Obviously, color coordination slipped my mind. It does provide an entertainment value to all my neighbors, children and adults, all season long, I believe.


Use red instead of purple and they will just think it is a unique Fourth of July decoration. You might even start a fad.


Why didn’t I think of that!!!

Anyway, I avoid colors that represent ripe fruit like red and orange. I’ve come to realize that, the darker the color, the better to hide from birds.

Unfortunately, squirrels can smell ripe peaches and organza bags are no match to them. I did put tougher bags that @patrick recommended. These bags may put up fight against squirrels. We’ll see.


The copper mesh didn’t stand up to some pesky squirrel! I only had about 5 plums left to completely ripen, and I was absolutely plundered, lol. He had to work at it, tho. I’ll get some pics of how he bit the bags and finally made holes.

I did not do my hot-pepper idea on the outside of any bags this year. I definitely will for the peaches! He’ll get a mouthful of hot sauce next time he tries that :smiley:



Your trees looked so cool. Lots of hard work. You are going to get great harvest.



I’m jealous. My tree looks ghostly but yours looks awesome.


Goodness it looks like a faery garden! I love it



I think you have developed a new proprietary peach variety… The “Kaleidoscope Peach”.



I hope so!!! Squirrel teeth are brutal!


Very good point about the color


Thank you everyone for your comments.

@MES111 - Do I need a patent lawyer? I also remember our forum’s motto “Why do it when you can overdo it?”.
That’s me and the bagging :smile:





I finally got the Clemson bags for peaches. I tried a few this morning and was very pleased with the design. I expect them to work well to keep out fungus and insects if sprayed first as recommend. They closed tightly.


I have not been able to secure those bags well after two years of trying. I’ve decided to blame it on the bag design. It is not for a left-handed like me :smile: Several of my bags flew off when strong winds come by.

If your bags closed tightly, you are golden. I had a few bags that closed tightly and the results were great.


Perhaps my fingers are stronger. The wire is stiff but I was able to fold it and squeeze it very tight.