Redlands #4 jujube reviews

I’ve only gotten a couple, reminds me of Li. Perhaps next year I’ll have a better feel for them.


I thought I posted about it a while ago, but it seems that I didn’t, as the pic wasn’t labeled and I had to fill it in from memory (sorry- no brix readings, though I recall it was around 20ish, not all that high but enough to be decent).

My first year tree (from CRD) produced 2 fruit, one of them very large.

I agree- it didn’t taste all that different from the Li which was next to it in my hand. Maybe slightly better, but if so, not by much. I wasn’t that impressed with either, though my wife was pretty happy with it. Until she had a Honey Jar. Redlands was large and had ok crunch and ok sugar. Basically, it was large. :slight_smile:

I do recall Cliff saying it was one of his earliest varieties. The fact that mine ripened in mid-October likely had to do with it being on a newly planted tree. And it producing in year #1 is also a good sign. Russia #2 did the same and was very good (but much smaller).

I’m surprised that you don’t have more experience with it. I grafted it in 2015 with wood from you. The graft which survived was on a tree with too much shade and has never produced. Just recently I took out a couple trees (one was along a border with a neighbor who finally started getting concerned about it falling and the other was one I used as a male kiwi trellis, but it got too big), so that Redlands may have a chance to produce going forward.

This was the first year that Black Sea produced and it was very good. On the same level as Honey Jar. I would take most of Redlands, part of Orange Beauty, and maybe a branch of Xu Zhou, as the fruit isn’t as good as HJ and BS.

How much of Orange Beauty you keep depends on if you favor texture or taste. OB is stronger flavored than BS, but doesn’t have the same crisp texture (at least for me in year #1)


Hi Bob, different trees. The wood I gave you came from a Redland I got from Roger Meyer in 2013. I cant remember how it did, sorry. I was thinning out my backyard in 2015 in preparation of selling the house, it may have been a casualty.

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Black Sea is the strangest jujube for me for far. I had it in a 3gal pot the first year and it actually fruited, but the fruits were tiny and at every node on only three branches like a string of tiny cherry tomatoes.
This year I grafted it to an in ground tree. It also set some fruits, but much bigger like the size and shape of Tigertooth. Except it’s much sweeter, juicier and with more crisp than Tigertooth. Half of the Black Seas had a slightly pointed end. That’s so different from the pics you guys posted here. Thanks @castanea for the recommendation.

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I got a Confetti from OGW. Hope its as good as the Black Sea!

We had a record breaking hot summer here in Phoenix this year. The Autumn Beauty and even the Chico fruit were heat or sun damaged internally. The skin was not burnt, but the insides were dryish, yuck. I will have to move them to a spot with some afternoon shade further away for the neighbor’s dreaded huge eucalyptus tree. Luckily Sugarcane and Black Sea fruit were not affected.
I did a search online and found someone in Texas had the same problem with Chico in a hot year.

A couple of the fruit on my Confetti seem to have matured and they don’t approach the quality of Black Sea, but that doesn’t mean very much. It’s a very small plant and may not have gotten enough sun or heat in the Pac NW.

Dry insides usually mean the trees did not get enough water. Small trees often don’t seem to be able to draw up enough water when the temps are over 105 or so, because their root system just isn’t big enough yet.

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Is the Confetti fruit bigger than Black Sea?

No, but it doesn’t mean much, because the Confetti trees are tiny.

How was your Confetti fruit last year?

No fruit.