Reviewing Nurseries

The Ison’s Saga thus far…

Step 1) Ordered in October 2023.
Step 2) Begin emailing and trying to call them April 2024
Step 3)After no response then threatening them… in May 2024 they said due to arctic conditions they were unable to fulfill my order.
Step 4)They emailed me and said that they would have to mail me a refund check because of the time elapsed they could not refund my card.
Step 5) No check was in the mail for 3 weeks.
Step 6) I had to email them again to ask their policy on mailing checks after they emailed me and said that they were refunding me.
Step 7) Email response- The person that issues checks went on vacation then came back sick… and has not been able to issue a check… so as of right now they are trying to find someone that can mail a check.
Step 8)I have store credit from some dead trees that they sent me… on another order so thats even more money that they are holding of mine.

The next time i have money burning a hole in my pocket to buy something from Georgia im going to get lottery tickets instead… much better odds.

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Don’t write off the entire state. We have some forum members located there who might have some incredibly enticing and authentic items for purchase in the near future.

i have yet to order from Bottoms Nursery… but they dont really have anything i want/need.

Im sure that my saga isnt their norm… i have read alot of good stuff about them… however they have the worst customer service other than Pense nursery that i have experienced ever… that is until you accuse them of fraud… then they reply quickly and all kinds of apologies happen… but other than that they were terrible to me. Just my honest experience.

Eh the worst nursery I have dealt with is Berries Unlimited. Isons was not great but Berries Unlimited was horrible.


It is unfortunate you had such a bad time. Ive had nothing but good dealings with Isons and it is one of the few nurseries I visit yearly for purchases.

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