Reviewing Nurseries

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Ive used their list of nurseries a few times and there is some hidden gems in there that dont show up on Google searches sometimes.


I will be honest and say that I barely know any nursery on their list. The only nurseries I saw was hidden springs nursery which sells alive but small plants. They are super affordable though. The only other place I saw on their list I recognized is planting justice and whenever I try to buy something on their website they seem to be sold out of it. Not sure when planting justice starts their sells but since I can never find anything from them I just go to other nursery despite having plants I want.

I believe planting justice just had a wildfire come through so they may be figuring out some stuff.

Thread on that here…

I think I read that thread. It was even before that I could not find much. I just looked at their website again and they seem to have their items up again. They likely just list a lot later than many people. I know One Green World does the same thing where they list pre-sales very late compared to others. They have what I was looking for beforehand but that being said I already have what I was looking for at this point from other stores.

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So far as I am concerned, it matters not one iota if a rootstock or small tree is produced orgnically or not…seeing as it may be 5 years later before it bears a single fruit.

Hype about that is just noise…unless their prices are equal or cheaper than somebody else’s.


I more so see this debate with seeds than perennials. Even with seeds it does not matter too much as the sprays will be off with seeds. I got organic trees from Grow Organic Peaceful Valley and I don’t think they label trees organic or not at Raintree, One Green World or Trees of Antiquity. I had 3/5 cherry trees die first year as well as a Red Haven peach tree never come out of dormancy from Grow Organic Peaceful Valley but all trees survived well but one tree from One Green World and the only trees I had die from Raintree were the Cascade pear which I had both die with one coming dead. As far as I am concerned I have had higher survival chances from nursery not labeled organic. I have learned it is not only just price but it is when they ship too. I seem to get a very high survival from a company that will ship in March or April but a much lower chance from those who ship sooner. I also find it far easier to plant in March or April than planting in January. There are so many factors when choosing nurseries. Organic to me is not one of them. Even with seeds organic is not one of them.

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i agree. the organic label is just a way to charge more for a product. only way i buy organic is if is the same price as the regular stuff. you get a regular farm and a so called organic one next to each other, there’s nothing preventing the sprays from drifting on the organic farms side.

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Uh, it’s not only that…a lot of things are ‘permitted’ to be sprayed on ‘onganic’ produce that I’d question. Plus, in the case of young trees, you’d think any possible contamination is gone after a year or more on the organic location.

Just a technicality to foster a cause…to require an organic fruit operation to plant only organically raised trees.


So… Has anyone written any positive reviews? I did.

Post #11 I bragged on Jung’s.

I’ve mentioned quality from T of A before.

I’ve mentioned best plant value for the money for retail on blueberries from Burnt Ridge.

Honeyberries USA are good, but stuff they don’t produce but resell is tiny.

Hartmann’s is good for large orders (100 plants)


Jung’s in Randolph used to be about a 30 minute drive for me. My folks bought lots of bareroot fruit and evergreen trees from them over the years. I bought a number of fruit trees there as well. I started hitting their satellite store in Sun Prairie, WI later on. Quality seeds, plants, trees, and everything else they carry.

I don’t know if the online/mail order Jung’s is the same quality as the physical stores. I’ve not ordered from them that way.


ive ordered some stuff from them. they had decent prices and shipping with good sized plants.


No idea where the organic thing came in… they are just small backyard style nurseries that sell things that they themselves most of the time propagate to earn a living as part of their permaculture way of growing things.

I did a search of the page with nurseries and only one talks about organic and they sell seeds.

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I had once looked into getting organically certified. One of the requirements was planting organic seeds and plants. I decided it was all too much hassle, so did not pursue it further.

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I got good plants from Jung for a very affordable price and shipping prices was way below competitors because they used USPS opposed to UPS or FEDEX. Size was small for me when I bought from them 5 years ago but they also mentioned they were selling them in 3 inch pots and prices were very low. Not sure how the store size is. Like I said above Jungs is one of those nursery that if you want a cheap plant and don’t mind size I would recommend.


Honeyberries USA has small plants but they have very affordable prices and things you may have a hard time finding anywhere else. They have all the romance series cherries which I have not seen anywhere but the Tree Farm here in CO and for a fraction of the cost. They have a Bailey sour cherry on its own root system. Arctic raspberries cost half of what they cost somewhere like One Green World. Small sure but you can’t beat the prices and the odd stuff they have.


I noticed their description for Crandall Clove Currant is from Whitman Farms, and the pricing reflects an upcharge from everything there as well from what I browsed. They do have a good selection but for most everything I saw I can think of better pricing elsewhere.

I am excited to be placing an order at Whitmans this year with all the positive feedback I have seen on this forum.


I have noticed with many nursery the descriptions are copied and pasted. Very few seem to have their own description. Like I said they Bailey cherry is on it’s own roots which is unique and I have not seen too many website in the USA offering the full romance series. I think my Girardi mulberry tree from Whitman farms was my first ever tree. I often times think of my cherries from Grow Organic Peaceful Valley as my first trees as the Rainier and Utah Giant that survived are the oldest trees I have still. My Girardi mulberry was my first tree and I had it 2 years before my cherries actually. I had my Girardi and blueberries back in 2018 by that date. I had my blueberries from Jung Seed and One Green World. I ended up seeing a high PH and just giving up and throwing my blueberry plants before I got fruit. My Girardi mulberry came in a 1 gallon pot and was shaped in a V shape. It came way secured by strings but dormant in the fall. The next spring I noticed catkins but did not understand what they were at the time. The mulberry from Whitmans was producing so much the second year I thought they were leaves. I ended up losing half the plant to wild life because I did not know to protect it at the time. It thrived very well with everything else though. Keep in mind that her plants she sold me were thriving very well even with a novice gardener so I am sure you will do fine with whatever she sends.