Rootstock for Goldrush to combat low vigor


My Goldrush behave quite well in my tall spindle. Not much to prune off. My Fuji requires more work…


That is interesting, here in NY they are in the lower 25%tile for vigor- but that’s on 111 where their precocity is in itself highly dwarfing. .


I took the Crunch A Bunch plunge. hopefully it’s worth it for that much money.


I grafted GoldRush onto Geneva 30 - what stock remained on hand. It rivals Connell Red, also on Gen30 (Fireside sport and vigorous) for growth in its first season. The literature notes GR grows quickly before bearing age, and what it’s doing here looks consistent with that.
I’ll put it in the only spacious place remaining, and compost it big time the next couple years until it reaches size. Since Gen30 dwarfs to about 50%, it won’t be large, but should be adequate. I hope.


Will you wait until it reaches mature size before letting it fruit? I have GR on G935 and M7.


Well, I won’t move it until next March at the earliest. Both grafts (on Geneva30, and EMLA26 which is promised as a sale) still have about 80% leaves and winter is upon us here.(Had hoped to sell a couple spare trees, but Goldrush and Connell Red both retain most of their leaves.) Allowing it to produce a sampling of a couple fruits depends upon how it responds in growth once it is in its permanent place.

Some anecdotes indicate it is precocious in blooming. If so, I will strip it at least one year. I’ve done that before with others.


Crunch A Bunch arrived. As Alan stated a lot of money for a stick, but nice roots.


Definitely M111. My Gold Rush on EMLA 7 is only 8 feet in its 6th year.


Count your blessing :smile: .

Last year, mine was a foot shorter than yours. But again, I chose the dwarf rootstocks for both Crunch A Bunch and Baker’s Delight.

My Gold Rush on M 7 seems to want to shoot up the sky. I don’t like tall tree so I have topped it off two years in a row. I try to keep it under 10 ft.


That is their dwarf one. I have little room left. I’m sure it’s fine. Packed well.


Great roots! Some of the best I’ve seen. That tree will shoot up more quickly than a bigger specimen with severe root pruning (as I think a lot of nurseries do in their shipping and packing.)

Enjoy your healthy tree!


I agree it will be fine. I got a Suncrisp similar in size and it’s a good grower. Wanted to give me apples the first year.


I believe the Lil’Big or whatever they call it is M.27 rootstock. I have a neighbor down the street that undoubtedly has one of those trees as it had the “patented Gurney’s tree stake” around it until a couple years ago. It is about 4’ tall but nicely spreading. It was probably taller, but it has a significant lean to it now. It still produces a nice crop of apples, despite being planted directly into turf with no mulch.


Yes, I’m pretty much out of space, but I couldn’t resist an earlier Goldrush. I can use it to graft onto other established trees later.


My crunch a bunch died almost down to its graft this summer. Leaves browned up and fell off luckily it grew back almost to its original size, so I lost a year.


Did you find out what the cause of it dieback?

I have the same tree with the same rootstock!!!


No I didn’t find out