Has any one fruited this apple and what did you think?

Skillcult describes his experiences in some of his youtube videos and also here:

Rubaiyat is an unrefined apple. At it’s best the flavor is excellent, but getting flavor/ripeness and good texture all in one specimen is rare in my experience. Like other very red fleshed apples, it has an amazing berry type of flavor, but it is a work in progress like most if not all of the red fleshed apples released by greenmantle probably are. After all, Etter did not release them. Excepting pink parfait that is, which is pretty awesome, but only lightly tinged pink. Rubaiyat is also very susceptible to scab in my limited experience. Who knows, it may do better elsewhere. If you can score a scion, I think it’s worth trying for the sensational factor alone, and I’m sure it’ makes great juice, but I wouldn’t really recommend to buy or plant a whole tree. I feel pretty much the same way about Grenadine, though I think grenadine might be a little better culturally speaking. I think some of these won’t do well in some climates too, but maybe that goes without saying. I got my first red fleshed fruit this year from using using grenadine as a seed parent. I’ll try to attach a picture.

Time will tell, but I’m hoping it will best Grenadine. I’m also using Rubaiyat as a parent. I think both are more refined than most red fleshed crabs probably are, but they still need a lot of work. I just figure Etter started the job and now we can keep his work going by using his partially refined seedlings as parents instead of starting with the most primitive red fleshed crabs.


BTW, here is a picture of rubaiyat


I got 2 bench grafts from Greenmantle 3 years ago, they should bear this year, on b118. They are vigorous, upright trees about 10’ tall. I’ll keep you appraised on flavor if I happen to fruit them. Spring is way to early this year. Great picture, looks tasty. Like your videos.

i’m growing pink parfait and grenadine. might get fruit this year excited to try the fruit.

I’ve got most of the Etter varieties growing here, including the ones trademarked by Greenmantle. Rubaiyat is among those that may fruit for the first time this year; I’m looking forward to trying it, too.

Eye-popper of of pic, thanks for posting that. What was the ripening time?
I made a rose cider a few years back that looked so good in the glass (taste was good too) I grafted Rubiayat, Redfield, and an unIDed redflesh at my place for future pressings…

What an amazing looking fruit!!! A few weeks/months ago someone here made a whole thread just asking if anyone knew of any red fleshed apples or crab apples. I hope they see that photo if they don’t already know about it, because that about the reddest flesh I’ve seen on an apple or crab apple! Very cool!!!

I searched for the thread of the person who was looking for red fleshed apple/crab apples and it turns out there were 2 people in 2 threads who were looking for red flesh, so I hope they will see your post and photos here. I’ll try to help by tagging them below: