Saving hybrid tomato seeds

"A general plant patent would apply to an apple tree bred and developed for commercial production…A key part of this type plant patent is that the plant itself is protected but it can be used in breeding.

A GMO patent covers the specific gene which has been moved into a new genome."

That makes sense and is a much clearer version of my very hazy priors! So if I’m reading this correct in layman’s terms, the difference in using Sungold seed versus Norfolk’s purple tomato is that there’s no protected intellectual property in a sungold seed whereas the purple tomato seeds contain the patented gene.

German Johnson is a poor quality tomato. Get a better variety or cross it with something that is more uniform. I would suggest Lynnwood, Druzba, and Daniels if you want to stay in open pollinated varieties.

I understand the quality problem. It’s a very popular variety here. It’s the variety all of our customers ask for. Same for Cherokee Purple. We have tested other varieties but they are not popular.

Sungold is not protected and can be used in breeding if you choose. It is a complex cross involving a Solanum Habrochaites parent. IMO, very difficult to extract anything useful from the very diverse genetics. It is a super sweet tomato with relatively little flavor other than a somewhat tropical fruit overtone.

I did not realize there was ones with names so similar. The ones I grew was Aji Sugar Rush Cream. As you can see there is variation with some being super tall and some being more rounded Sugar Rush Cream 10 Seeds | Super Hot Chiles

We grow Sungold and love it. Very easy to grow and it’s becoming very popular for the PYO folks. No blight problems and it seems to grow forever.

Black plastic, fertigation, Flordia weave and PYO Sungold on a bigger scale would fit well with the other fruit we grow.

Have you looked at gene charts and tried to calculate genetics? When I read fusion_power talk about it with diverse genetics that tells me there is too many genes to be past down genetically. Think about it like if one parent was blonde and one a brunette but the grandparents had different colors of hair and the parents of those had a different color of hair. It would be difficult to breed for hair color because there is too many genetics at play. This is the square calculator I used in high school biology when studying genetics genetics chart calculation - Google Search

I say try it, you may like what you get. You can take cuttings & keep one in your house or greenhouse til spring also.

I’ve been snapping off a sucker and sticking it in damp potting soil of one of my plants for three years now. It’s my only “houseplant.”