This was a new site last year that I found some trade partners on. I figured I would post about it as there seems to be a number of newer members here that may not know about it.

Scion Exchange (

You register and input your varieties that you have, and list the ones you are looking for. If you hit the find trades button, it will match you with people that have what you are looking for.

I found 3 varieties I was looking for last year, and have proposed a number of trades there this year.


I used this site last year for my local CRFG scion exchange to set up a bunch of side-trades, which was good because everything was well picked over by the time I went through the line.

It worked rather nicely. The site is fairly easy to use.

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They don’t have a section for persimmon scions. I’m looking to trade figs and other persimmon scions that I have. Any one with extra Giombo and Sheng scions please email me for trade.

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In the contacts section you can request that they add specific varieties. I did this with one of my figs.

It may be a useful site if you could actually sign in, it repeatedly gives a password email mismatch, yet when you request to reset password and go thru that process, it continues that saga! Not a very useful site

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Did you complete the registration process? I just logged in with no issues.

Just because you couldn’t log in, and obviously have no other experience with it, doesn’t mean you should bash it. There are a number of us here that have used it and have had great results with it.


Yes, I did try, got a message that I was already registered with my email, so I tried to reset password, then after resetting process I tried to
Login, then it told me my email and password does not match! So if you like this site feel free to use it, but just be aware probably others will have my experience. Not bashing, just reporting the facts.


Joshua is possibly available to address questions like this @fruit-enthusiast and I know he’s put a lot of effort into the site. It’s a daunting task to add all the functionality necessary to make things run smoothly.

Joshua, maybe there could be an option available for inputting your own cultivar name built into the site for those not already listed? That may lead to confusion down the road but if options don’t currently exist it might help. Maybe have a field for “notes” under a miscellaneous label that explains what you have for now?

The site owner was listed in this other thread. You might try reaching out to him.

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You could try doing a password reset. That worked for me.

As I stated before, already tried, apparently there is some flaw that prevents the website from changing either the Pssword or the email, no way to ascertain which?

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I signed up a few days ago and just added what I could. They are missing half of what I have. When I looked for trading partners it just said no trading partners were available. Not very helpful for me.

They should allow people to enter their lists without being restricted. It wouldn’t be hard to source a list of dozens of plants instead of having an “exotics” catch-all equivalent to an “Untitled Folder” sitting on your desktop (I know you have one).


Hey everyone, this is my first time using this, so thanks for the add!

I’m on the border of zone three and four and have a research project going where I am growing peaches in high tunnels and I’ve had Peach is here six years in a row that survived outside temperatures as low as -35°.

I’m looking for some peach Scionwood and have some to share as well, some of these cultivars are very small trees so there’s limited quantities.

Peaches and nectarines wanted:


Early star

Sweet star

Autumn star

Vee Blush

Early Blush

Summer serenade

Wisconsin Balmer


Early red free

Sugar may



Silver gem

Arctic glo

Arctic sweet

Peaches I have for trade, some of these have limited quantities:

Tunnel # 1



Harrow Diamond





High tunnel #2

China Pearl

Early Muir


Gold Dust

Ratiran Rose

Red haven

Early Redhaven


White Lady

B Boy


Lola (nectarine)



Baby Crawford

Hey Dan, welcome to the forum! It’s always great to see new people who are growing things in novel ways. If you stick around and read/comment a bit, your trust level on the forum will increase and you will gain access to the trading section. That is the appropriate place to post your list.

I have bookmarked a few threads you might find helpful!


You will have better luck posting your own topic in the trading post looking for those varieties. Some people will skip over this topic and miss your post entirely. You will have better luck with a new thread, and not hijacking this one.

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I really like that site. I was a little surprised they don’t have any persimmons listed. I bet with all the knowledgeable members here if they all knew about that site they could probably contribute a lot of good info to get a fairly extensive persimmon listing added. I hope they add persimmons soon.