Seckel Pear Vigor and Habit


Once your growing your own seckle you might find there are other pears you like. The problem has always been most people have never tried a fraction of the pear varities. I’m glad you found seckle and decided to try it. My suspicion is you would like Harrow sweet and others.

Mine is on seedling p. comunis and is medium vigor, dense branch growth as others have described. Crotch angles angles are less acute than most pears, but not what I’d call spreading. I thin out the side shoots and reduce scaffolds from the trunk to open it up. Great eating pear!


By the standards of pear trees in general, Seckel is most certainly spreading, IMO, and I get the form I want without much branch spreading with this variety. I am talking about the tree within the context of the species and pears tend to be columnar.

Can you name a single pear variety with a more spreading habit? Maybe you are speaking from a general landscaping perspective.


Buerre Giffard, Staceyvill, Magness and a few others all have a more open spreading habit in my yard

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Magness does have a similar spreading habit, Never heard of Staceyville or grown Giffard. Magness is a great pear here once it finally gets around to bearing fruit, which can take a very long time. It is surprising that a pear with such a spreading habit is the opposite of precocious. I’ve never gotten a single pear from one of my nursery trees and cut down the only Mag in my orchard after becoming impatient from 8 years in waiting. I do have a tree I manage that wasn’t too old when it came into production. It had grown in a pot for 3 years and the constriction seems to have forced it to fruit earlier than if left in the ground. Only took 7 years!

It is much more psyla and scab resistant than Seckel. The funny thing is that Seckel can be fine for years before having those problems.


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Since seckle is one of the parents of Magness and Warren I’m not surprised they share many similarities. The size definately came from comice. Giant seckle


Sadly you missed bare root buying season for the most part unless you really got lucky and someone still has it. Otherwise you have to buy a potted tree which is much more costly. Most pears in store are so so. Most who have tasted pears from the store have never had something like a Comice, Warren or Magness pear that will taste like brown sugar for example. I had those pear varieties I mentioned and I felt disappointed going back to the Bartlett pears you get at the store.