Seeking advice on girdled tree


Albert Einstein?


Yes, that was me.


How well does your Fuji tree do? I’m completely top working mine because it gets cedar apple rust and scab so bad every year.


The fuji is still young but it has been the best against Cedar Apple Rust compared to my others.

After this spring there will be maybe 2 branches left that are fuji. Ill be grafting a bunch of different stuff onto it.
Im sure i have extra apple scion to spare if your interested.
I have scion of a bunch of different apples this yr.


I have a 28 year old Fuji on M7 that does not get significant Cedar apple rust nor significant scab…
despite juniperus virginiana (red cedar) all over my neighborhood…including a few feet from the trees.
(In fact, once I lost my Yellow Delicious, I’ve not had too much trouble with diseases period except on Granny Smith).
Dormant oil usually all I spray in a season.


Considering how much im reading that others are not having as bad of an issue, I’m starting to wonder if my tree was mislabeled.


I have heard of “Early Fuji” and “Fuji”.
We may have different varieties.
I also have cedars very close to my apple trees and the golden delicious was hit hard with C.A.R