Serviceberry or not?

Sorry I cannot. We do not ship our #2 containers very far. They have to be picked up or delivered by one of our delivery trucks (Milwaukee WI area). We do not ship to the East Coast . I am not aware of any sources on the east coast for running serviceberries.

If you ever are passing thru Wisconsin and want to stop at the nursery, you are welcome to purchase some running serviceberries.

Eastern US… St Lawrence Nursery has best selection I’m aware of.
TimmXSuccess, an A.stolonifera or alnifoliaXstolonifera cross, has been the best of the saskatoon types here. May be available elsewhere, if you search for it…got mine 25+yrs ago from Bear Creek(defunct).
OIKOS Tree crops usually has a number of seedling selections available…Ive got a dozen or so fruiting this year. Looks like he’s offering Success seedlings, among others, this year.
Cedar-serviceberry rust can be an issue on some sites…I’ve seen Autumn Brilliance berry crops totally obliterated with it.