Should i plant garlic yet?


I grow mine in raised beds too. Mine are 1 foot tall. I rotate location, every other year. In one bed I grow corn the off year.


My garlic that died was in a raised bed…


I usually get garlic in (Music) about now. I want to prep the bed a little and will have it in early next week.

We are prone to abundant rain here and it can rot some roots if the soil is not well draining even in raised beds. That said, even well draining soil can only handle so much rain. I use tarps to guide runoff if it looks like a lot of rainy weather is forecast. One year it rotted my ginger which I had stored in ground over the winter. Around here, gardening w/o tarps would def be hit or miss.


Got mine in 11/10. A bit later than ideal.

I expected to see at least some sign of green shoots by now, but I’m seeing nothing at all. Should I be concerned?


no. it was too late, but it is growing roots underground. For me they make green stuff only if I plant them in September or early October.


No concerns- garlic needs a little time to vernalize before it sprouts, which is why you should not let it get cold after harvest.

Here in Montana I get mine planted towards the end of October or early in November. I never see green until spring.


Everything I was reading as far as local stuff said planting Early is more likely to result in winter damage to the top growth.


that is incorrect too, at least for cold hardy hardneck. There is little if any crop difference, over 20 crops (1997-2018) planted between September and December, so long as the soil is fertile and I fertilize with N as soon as they start (or resume) growing in early spring (or late winter).


I planted in mid-october and mine are about 2 inches high. My buddy planted in early Nov. and he doesn’t see anything sprouting yet. So I think given your planting date you are fine.

After several years of growing garlic I haven’t seen any signs of winter damage here in 7A, but in colder places I expect it is more of a concern.


Thanks for that info.

Where are you, BTW. I’m in Maryland. Straddling zone 6b/7a.


I am in Michigan, now barely zone 6.


I buy my garlic from Whole Foods, pick the biggest ones. For me theirs is good enough, so far so good and cheap. We like garlic but are not real crazy about it. They come from California.


Nothing wrong with that! I find some grow better than others, and luckily some nice garlics do well here. Chesnok Red has beautiful neon purple clove colors, just gorgeous and garlic lovers eyes bulge out of their head when they see it. You can’t get that at the store. A friend makes a special Italian sauce for steaks. I have his steak every year at the summer fling. Two years ago I gave him some of my hardneck garlic and the sauce came out exceptional. The garlic is better than most. Now I supply him every year.


Drew where do you get your supply from, if I may ask.


Garlic is expensive, so be ready for that! I now use harvested cloves, so no need to buy anymore. I grow a few different kinds and found these stores to offer the best garlic.


Thanks Drew.


Still nothing coming up, although aside from a couple of days in the 50s at the beginning of the month, we’ve been averaging mid 30s to mid 40s for highs, and lows anywhere from around freezing to well down into the 20s. We actually got as cold as 17 a couple mornings ago.


I’m in 8b and I planted 3 weeks ago. We have had 3 frosts so far( that’s very unusual) to have that many already. And mine are halfway to being able to cut the greens and use…


My Italian Early Red (softneck) is poking a bit.

Nothing from the Vietnamese hardnecks.