Show your photo of how you over winter your figs and trees


Here’s my version I made today of Scott’s aluminum backed bubblewrap fig envelope. Many, many staples along three edges and a box of ground staples with 20 bricks all around bottom edge. Then I mounded mulch over the edge. Before covering I put a cardboard box over the fig stems so they wouldn’t poke through the wrap. I split the two end joints about 5 inches so they’d lay flat on ground.

If I do this again I might try to make a tall cone of bubblewrap with just one long joint I can tape with Gorilla tape. And I’d use say 6 inch ground staples instead of 4 inch. And I’d do it December. I have three winterizing methods in place, will report in Spring. Thanks to everyone for tips!IMG_0117


Here in Maryland I see one 11 degree day forecast next week. That would be coldest so far this winter season. Am tempted to throw a second tarp over a couple young figs if that would help. Or just leave it to Fate.


I have 8 F in the forecast. Worried about my Chicago Hardy. It’s supposed to go from 44 during day to 8 at night. What a drop! Real feel -8. Brr!!


Temp is supposed to do the same thing here Saturday, I have my HC in pots though and inside, they are just now waking up , I was hoping they would stay asleep another month


So I figured I would share this IFTTT applet that has been super useful in alerting me when I need to be extra careful in protecting my figs.

I modified it in the following ways:

Description: If tomorrow’s low drops below 20°F, then email me to protect figs
Alert Temp: 21°F
Subject: Hard freeze warning - {{TomorrowsDate}}
Body: <a href="{{ForecastUrl}}"></a><img src="{{ConditionImageURL}}"><br> A low of {{LowTempFahrenheit}}F ({{LowTempCelsius}}C) and {{TomorrowsCondition}} tomorrow, {{TomorrowsDate}}. Make sure your figs are protected!<br>

When I get that alert I go out and plug in the cord which goes to the temperature controller set to keep things above 22°F which turns on a small heater. Only had to do that a handful of times so far this winter, and is better than keeping it plugged in all the time.

I think the more important thing is to protect figs from a sudden and steep drop in temperature (going from an average low of 30°F to a sudden low of <10°F) rather than keeping them always above a certain temp. So if you are in a colder climate like 6a/b and have a steady low of 20-25°F you might get away with setting alerts below something like 15°F.


I usually don’t cover my Figs
But this year I layed this bush down.
It has multiple shoots 6 ft tall
I took a bale of straw , made a small ring of straw in a circle on the ground,
To form a kind of ground level.
Then pushed the shoots over , putting cardboard and straw in alternating layers on it.
Maybe 4~5 layers.
One bale of straw,… A lot of cardboard
Left several shoots sticking up , as a control.
This morning it was 13 outside. Strong wind.
Stuck a meat thermometer down to the ground, 35 deg.F
This was fairly easy to do.
And I think when I uncover it .I will just use the straw / cardboard for mulch.
Just hope it’s not a bunch of voles down there keeping it warm.:slight_smile:


How about one of those wifi devices that you can turn on with your computer or phone that turn the plug on? I bet there is an APP for that, that would turn the plug on when it reached a certain temp… or better yet… I have a plug that has a built in temp meter on it that turns on my tractor heater when it gets below a certain temp… Heck you could sleep in and not worry about getting up : )


Well the temp controller would automatically turn on the heater below a certain temperature if I left it plugged in all the time. I will likely leave it plugged in all next year, now I’m just trying to learn if its reliable enough.