Sole Bud on Bench Graft is a Flower Bud

A friend did two apple bench grafts where the tip bud is a flower bud. He doesn’t think there is a second viable vegetative bud on either.

Is there a way to turn a flower bud into a vegetative bud?

Sure, pick the flowers off and it will revert to a vegetative shoot.

With some varieties (Anna, Dorset Golden) all you are going to get is flower buds.


My winter banana is the same way. Almost all of these scions had flowers.

Sorry to bump this thread – Does the same apply for Cherry? If you pick off the blossoms before they open does the bud revert to a leaf bud? Cherry experts feel free to chime in…

I cleft grafted a spurry scion (Van on Lapins) last year. It gave me three vegetative shoots and no flowers. But I got a bunch of spurs in that location this year.

Not exactly the same problem – it sounds like these were not flower buds on your scion, even if they were spur-like. I have a few two bud scions that have calloused up nicely – I chose sticks without obvious spurs. But of course, given my careful selection, some are non-spur flower buds, not leaf buds. I pinched off the cherry blossoms at the stem. I’m just wondering if there’s a small leaf initial at the base of the bud that will take over, or if I should expect no more growth from that bud?