Some blueberry variety talk mainly Sweetcrisp and Springhigh my favorites


I have not tried that.

The bushes are on my grand-dad's old property in Pennsylvania-- a 3-hour drive from where I live now.

Maybe I'll try some air layers next time I visit the site... and inspect them months later to see if they work...


I'm not impressed with Indigocrisp so far in terms of fruit. I'll give it another yr. But it does have a serious leaf issue. The affected leaves are this yrs not old leaves. No other variety out of ~30 has acted like this.


My Sweetcrisp appears to have some damage but it is not dead. I need to get it big again., I lost a few canes. I'm going to keep indigo around as a pollinator as it appears to do OK here.
I'm hoping one day to cross Sweetcrisp with a northern. It appears to have worked with indigo. No other SHB flowers, and all the Indigocrisp flowers set fruit. Pollen must be from a northern.






Those yellow labels.....

Do you have a special printer for those and... How long to these last outside in the sun.



Those came from Just Fruits&Exotics. They label a plant just for each customer. They must have the printer on site.


They do have their plant tag printer on site. When I let Ted know he had misinformation on a tag, he immediately corrected the information on the computer that commands the tag printer.

I think it's extra cool that they printed yours with your name on the tags!


I'm sampling the first ones of the season and that quote describes them well. Brady


This year Duke out crunches Sweetcrisp, perhaps the very dry spring and early summer, but I've grown this variety for 7 years, it has always been an avg to above avg berry, small good for baking, but this year, they are outstanding.

Another nod for Sprighhigh, it has entered my top 3 for taste, texture and size, wow, these are as big as grapes.


I have been trying to decide which blueberry to try next for some time now. Thanks to this thread started by fruitnut, I have a few varieties to look into.

It sure is nice to see a lot of familiar members, it's been a while.

Ron Eversole


Here is Northsky. Could not wait any longer. Popped it into my mouth. A little earthy and underripe, but that sweet blueberry flavor was there.


Matt that is great. You've waited long enough!


Who's been growing a Duke Blueberry bush for a while? I just bought a big bush at Home Depot for 30 bucks and just wondering about the quality.


I have 2 indigo crisp from just fruit with those nice tags as well. Their few berries ripened around the same time as misty and everyone in my family who tried them liked the misty better. The indigo were crisp and quite sweet, but otherwise the flavor was rather blah. I've moved them over to 5 gallon pots to grow up and we'll see how they taste. Late last fall I got the 2 indigo and 1 sweetcrisp, but now I think maybe I should have gotten all sweetcrisp instead.


Hi all. I'm pretty new to my blueberries. Planted a Northsky, northblue, and a northcountry May 17. First blueberries ever. Funny thing is the northblue arrived with berries on it and since they were all really small and only a year old I dutifully picked the fruit off. About two weeks after that it flowered again and I pulled the flowers off. Today I see it is growing another flower. Is this normal? :slight_smile: Maybe it is just meant to be :wink:

Here is my northcountry
And my baby northsky (ignore the poor things sunburned leaves. I'm still learning)
Obviously haven't tasted any of them yet, but I can't wait to try them. I have a bonus blueberry coming next april. Wish me luck!


Look good to me!


I grew duke before. The berry size is very big, flavor is very good too


Hello Brenda. Welcome to the forum. Your blueberries look fine, but they are too small to bear berries, so I think you did the right thing when you pinched the flowers. My lowbush Chippewa blueberry flowers the second time in July and it makes the small crop in October. So might do the other varieties. You may already know it but I would like to warn you. The water in Omaha has very basic pH, so it needs to be acidified for blueberries. In Ashland the water pH may be different then in Omaha, it is better to check it, but I think it will be still basic.


Ashland water is horrible. It comes in with a Ph of about 8.0-8.5 and smells like pure chlorine. I won't even drink it unfiltered. I usually poor it into a big container and let it sit for 24-48 hours then use vinegar to acidify it. Takes some extra time, but I find that I am enjoying it. And thank you for the welcome @Antmary :smile:


Does the variety Pink Lemonade get pink all over the berry? This is my third year with the plant, and my 1st real year with fruit. I am finding the berries don't color up where they are not exposed to the sun, and it makes picking ripe berries a challenge. I like the flavor, size, and texture of the ripe berries, picking them out is a bit of a PITA. Anyone else have a similar issue?