Squirrel killer


That’s good to know. In looking at the Gallagher link Mark supplied, it looks like their 110 volt M160 model would be roughly equivalent the S100 solar unit you have.

If that will get the job done, I may as well order one up. I’m learning the hard way that it’s just too much work to bring fruit to the “almost ready to harvest” stage, only to get hammered by critters.

We’re overrun with Turkeys too, and I know they’re not getting to the peaches as they’re closer to the house - but the apples are a different deal. At least if I can keep more of the ground dwellers off stuff it might feel like this whole fruit growing thing is worth it :slightly_smiling_face:


@IowaJer Good luck with your fence.


I mentioned this in another post somewhere. I was able to keep a low wire close to the ground by stringing it through plastic tent stakes here and there between the fiberglass posts. That keeps it from sagging and hitting the ground, and allows having the bottom wire just a couple inches off the ground. My issue is gophers in the vegetable garden. I’ve trapped a lot, but more appear. They just dig under the fence.


As an update, the vermin epidemic has not shown any signs of decline, right in line with covid, except for the vermin death rates are also going up.

This has become a gruesome business as I execute my coons caught in live traps with a 20G target shell to the brain. Pellets haven’t been as reliably “merciful” as my gun may have lost some of its power. Fine for squirrels however.

Seems I’m getting about 2 coons every 3 days and at least a squirrel and maybe two a day for the last 3 weeks or more. I bury the coons since the cheap shells are lead but toss the squirrels. Maybe that is attracting the crazy number of coons. I think I will start throwing the squirrels into my protected compost and let the fox find their own prey. The coons won’t be able to smell them as well covered with stable waste in a container in my compost area. Next year the squirrels will be feeding my vegetables. The coons are being buried within the root systems of orchard trees so they will be feeding them.



Wow, I’d be tired of the killing and digging holes. We put up our E-fence and all our problems went a way. We even put a hot wire at the top of our deck posts, now even the bird feeder is safe.

Is an E-Fence an option?


I can accomplish similar results with trees trained to a long trunk before branches and installing squirrel baffles. That is where I’m heading, but the coons will still have to be killed if I don’t remove the fruit from my nursery trees just to protect branches- at least on years the squirrels don’t get it first.


I’ve never been able to bury a carcass so something doesn’t manage to dig it up



How big is the area?


3 acres with lots of boulders and steep slopes.


Squirrels are zombies.


Something? Apparently nothing on my property would do this besides the raccoons I’m burying. I’m planting them shallow so the roots of my apple trees can make best use of their nutrients.


I primarily suspect the coyotes, but the possums might be doing it.

I put a large heavy paver over one carcass, something tunneled under it to get at the goods.