St. Edmund Pippin apple

Hello Mroot! I checked both Cummings and Maple Valley, they offer different sizes and even just ‘grafted’ types, I never knew such things - I figure, one just buys a small tree. I will read up a bit more as Cummings offers Dwarf tree, I do have to consider the shipping cost to CA. Sometimes, it may still be worth it. You must know what Bud 9 rootstock means? The vendors also list the the name terms such as G11 - this is all gibberish to me unless I google its definition. I do get a bit lazy googling every term though, LOL.

Is Greenmantle fruit still a going concern with Ram’s death? I hope she’s still doing well, I got an extremely hard to get ancient rose from her quite a while ago. A very pleasant person.

Yes it would be in your best interest to learn what the different rootstocks are for apples. Here is a link to get you started.

Bud 9 is a dwarf rootstock with resistance to fireblight. You’re in Los Angeles and have an arid climate so you could just use M111(MM111). For you in LA it will produce a dwarf tree.

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Ram’s widow transferred his unique fruit stock to Neil Collins at Trees of Antiquity, and Neil’s offering grafted trees of many of those varieties now. Whether she’s still operating the ornamental side of the business, I don’t know.