Steady trickle of exotic fruits in the stores


Same here. Ate a few in my life time. Never heard of its negative side effects. It is not a popular fruit, fortunately.

Muddy, talking about sour fruit, the only way I would eat passion fruit is when it is made into juice, never fresh, too sour for me. Some star fruit are more sour than the others. I don’t really care for the fruit.


No, do not freak out about how you reacted to star fruit. I’m not sure the exact reason why dialysis patients aren’t supposed to have it but it is certainly true. You’ll know you have kidney disease by having blood work done and looking at certain indicators. When my mom was diagnosed she had gone to the doctor because of feeling run down and lethargic. They gave her a battery of tests including a blood panel and her potassium level was dangerously high she was on dialysis later that day. I remember tasting Star Fruit when I was a kid and didn’t think much of it. But because kidney disease can be hereditary I’ve avoided it just in case. And I have yearly blood work done just to confirm my kidneys are functioning properly.


I’ve heard great things from both of those relatives! Still looking for the Mexican garcinia myself. Achachairu (humilis) sounds a lot like lemon drop (intermedia) in both taste and appearance. Hope you get some fruit from those trees sooner than later! I know most garcinia take forever to bear, but it will be an exciting wait!
I’m currently growing the lemon drop, common purple, and false mangosteen (xanthochymus). Still plenty of years to go for some of these.


I didn’t post here the day this thread started because I didn’t want to publicly say that I was away from home. These are some of what I had seen at the market stalls for local farmers only. Let me know if you can identify the uncommon ones. :slight_smile:

A pineapple with “hair” gone crazy!

I love those pink bananas on the left in the background.


Try any of the unusual ones,Muddy?
The middle picture looks like Breadfruit. Brady


Now,I know why I always forget where l put down my keys,starfruit😉



Please don’t eat everything on that plate and open the front door, … NOW… I’m just about to ring the bell!!! :yum:



I bought these apricot with pointed end at local grocery store ,can anyone tell me what variety it might be? It does have more flavor than regular round ones


Very interesting looking cots. Time for you to grow some seeds.



i see purple yams, and possibly jicama, and breadfruit. The pink banana may be the ‘morado/gloria’ cultivar



I have a story to tell…

I come from the tropic where the weather is warm then hot and back to warm year round (or almost like so), my family were not accustomed to wear shoes and socks.

Then when I first came to the States, Chicago to be exact, it was at the end of March 1981. My not used to wearing socks and shoes habit was abruptly changed to putting on socks and shoes every time I had to wander out of the door.

Since I have no background knowledge of such “accessories”, I worn my socks/shoes to school, work, groceries, movies and everywhere, rain or shine, for more than few weeks at a time before going to the local laundromat. One day, while studying for a school exam, I smelled something terrible kept whiffing around in my room but I could not figured out. Old apartment smell, I thought… It’s more like a few weeks later when I sit down to put on my socks and accidentally paid attention and got a whiff of my own making! It was the most horrific smell that forever etched in my mind. What can beat the fermenting wetted, dam socks combined with the “advanced” athletic toes?

To make the story short… Again, with my limited English skill at the time and my limited knowledge of western foods, I ordered from a workplace’s cafeteria foods. The bargained menu of the day was some sort of pasta with beef liver on top. So I chose it. And the server asked if I would like “something” and “something” put on the dish. Not knowing any better, I slightly nodded my head as saying “yes”. The server behind the counter shake some sort of creamy white powder onto the foods and hand it over…

I ended up being the starving worker/student for the day because I couldn’t eat it. I gagged after the first bite! The whole dish smelled like what I had smelled just couple of days ago, my toes!

Later on, I learned what that creamy white powder that were offered and sprinkled onto my pasta dish. It was the parmesan cheese! Probably the expensive type since it smell so bad.

For a long while, I stayed away from that powdery cheese and labeled it “Toe Cheese”. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But I adapted and evolved. Nowadays, I seek out and enjoy Parmasan Cheese just as my palate has expanded. I even have 2 small blocks in my fridge right this moment!

So I guess I can related to being offended and offending others when I bought up the subject. It’s just take a little understanding and a little of adventure into unfamiliar territories…

And I love it!



Tom a great story!!! So Parmesan cheese is like Durian? :smile:


Parm on liver. :wink:


After all these years, I still can’t stand the smell of parmesan cheese. Still avoid aeting any cheese.


I’m sure others like this cheese but Parmesan has a smell that makes me wonder what were they thinking when this formula was developed and put on the market.


I got some breadfruit from the local supermarket a little while ago. Can’t say it was terribly exciting, but I didn’t really expect much from something with a name like that. Pretty much a potato that grows in a tree.

I hear they grow easily and are very productive in the right climate, but I don’t see this one catching on with most home grower.


breadfruit is rather drab as a fruit compared to its other tropical cousins, but it is just as nourishing, if not more so, due to its heavy production of starchy fruit.
its sister, the ‘marang’ is its antithesis, being extremely sugary in taste, scent, and flavor.


yes,Tony,I saved the seeds


Muddy, it was a durian joke. :joy:


My goal this year is to try one or two exotic fruit each month. Next on my list was red tamarillo. Wouldn’t recommend it but something I’m glad I tried once. These are imports from New Zealand.