Stella vs lapins vs black tartarian what to choose?

Here in SE WI my limited experience with sweet cherries was with Black Gold and Lapins. Lapins was very firm crisp fruit with great flavor. Black Gold was soft and not impressive. No worries as -24 took out all my sweet cherries last winter. Fun while they lasted.

Up in Door County, WI they grow a lot of tart and some sweet cherries. While on vacation there last summer I sampled queen Anne, bing and Ranier all grown at a commercial orchard. The Bing were super dark and soft (not impressed, too ripe?). Queen Anne was good but not nearly as sweet at the Ranier. After tasting all of these my wife and I both concluded Ranier was our favorite. I cost the most so I presume it is the worst to grow of these 3 in my area. Wisconsin is definitely not a foolproof region for sweet cherries.

I haven’t seen much info to indicate Rainier might be winter hardy, but my brief experience with some young trees has been encouraging. Rainier flourished here last winter while Kristin and White Gold floundered. Had lows of about -15, but the length of our winter hammers a lot of trees that might otherwise survive those temps. Got to sample quite a few of those Rainiers off three year old trees. (Lapins also did well.)

I’ve grown Bing and Rainier many yrs. There never was a yr that I though Rainier better. Bing is firmer and has more acid. I’ve grown Bing as high as 32 brix and still firm with high acid. That’s about as good as any fruit you can grow.

But cherries are location specific. YMMV


i like skeena

My Lapins is all i need for cherries. This year i saw zero rot and never sprayed them (very dry). Birds did eat well, but i covered enough to get plenty. I gave up on sour cherries (birds/rot/swd). I’m surprised your tree got killed by -24F? Mine took -33F! It does have a decent crack in the trunk so i should probably start growing out some seedlings.

My sweet cherries were on G5 rootstock. Not sure if that made a difference as far as cold hardiness.