Why is that? I’m tempted to container them…is the root system huge? Containers stay warmer then soil, but in ground has more space/nutrients/water…hmmm


It’s more to do with room. I have so many containers now. Will it be worth it? Is another question. I did recently lose a tropical, it split open in the garage, too cold for it I guess? A sherbet berry tree. I guess needs to be indoors in the winter, and with the orange trees no room, oh well. The sugarcane may fair better? Not sure if I need to bring it in or not?


lol…i have probably 150 containers right now. I’m adding a vanilla bean …i added another 6 gardenia…coffee…might get an olive. Need to watch it…since so much needs to overwinter inside.

Also have about 30 red oak seedling just emerging…i could start a forest.


I’d mentioned above sorghum used in Sileage . Here are some neighbors making a pit. In Kansas everything looks small even those large tractors are undersized for making that cattle sauerkraut.


I ordered sugarcane seeds last spring off ebay…not a single one sprouted and i used all the tricks…think it was garbage seed…i’ll try again this spring.


If you want to try sorghum I think I have some seed.