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Richard how about the shipping crates coming from China and other countries.
Some members are not well informed about Greening disease’s.
There are a lot of other diseases came from Africa China.(aids, Covid) and others. Changing world?

I have been in the USDA APHIS program for 3 decades plus the CA nursery stock and pest abatement licensed programs for the past 2. It is not China. It is jerks from TX and FL.

I thought the fruit fly came from China by shipping crates.Richard come down!
Hard telling what comes next in the U.S.A.

There are two sources for the fruit fly we monitor and treat for here: Oaxaca and Tamaulipas. However, I was talking about ACP and Greening Disease, neither of which are correlated with fruit flies.


Richard, you are blaming members from citrus forums the problem with citrus greening. There might be other sources

There are many illegal distributors of citrus plant material in the U.S. who would like you to believe that the spread of the disease in the U.S. is from China or some other foreign country. However, all citrus produce shipped into the U.S. is microwaved - which has been going on now for decades.

So yes, those from the citrus forums and sellers online who gleefully distribute unlicensed uninspected Citrus plant material are the main cause of the spread of Greening Disease in the U.S. Ask APHIS.


Does microwaving kill bacteria and inactivate viruses? I would guess that it does kill any pests on the fruit but am but am not aware that it disinfects fruit.

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Let’s suppose that a Citrus fruit is harboring Greening Disease, although the organism is rarely there - we usually only see symptoms in the fruit and by then it is way too late to save the fruit stock.

You are correct that the conveyer-belt microwave system has little effect on the organism - but on the other hand it can only be transferred in nature to another host by a symbiotic pest - and I believe ACP is the only one.

Now the ACP and the Citrus Leaf Miner first made U.S. landfall in FL, having been smuggled in from the Philippines. Nitwits who are only interested in cheap have made our lives miserable ever since.

I saw some labeled as Shiranuhi [sic] at HMart. The only other time I saw them sold as Shiranui was in Florida. They were much cheaper than I’ve ever seen and very good.


You know, I think I saw those at Hmart last weekend too, and didn’t make the connection. Was in a hurry.

Sumo is the trade mark name, Shiranui is the name of this variety… if they don’t get the fruit of specific producers they can’t sell with Sumo name.

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I saw the same thing at PCC yesterday. The funny thing was the stickers still said Sumo, but the display said shiranui. My guess is they did that so they could mix different sources, some licensed with the trademark and others not.

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