Sunshine Blue Blueberry drying leaves

One of my friends is have drying leaves on his Sunshine Blue Blueberry (image attached), zone 9b. Anyone know what might be going on?


With the leaves dying from the outer edges like those shown,the condition could be Leaf Scorch.Was the weather particularly harsh and hot?

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September had a few days with mid 90s and two weeks in the mid 80s.

Too much fertilizer could cause that scorching too. One should not be fertilizing this time of year. I stop after august 1st. It is probably climate though.

Thanks vrk for posting on my behalf and thanks for the responses. Been watering it twice a week. Last fertilized mid july. This year the plant got less sun compared to last year. That makes it even more strange. Does alkaline ph cause this? I checked and it’s pretty alkaline. Will try adding some soil acidifiers and vinegar.any other suggestions to improve the situation?

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Read through this thread, it will help you out.