Sweet potato harvest


At least the barrel would keep the upper ones out of reach of the rabbits.


Its probley a little late to mention this but Sweet Potato leaves unlike potato leaves are edible.



I’d wish I knew about the leaves. It sounds delicious.


They are so tender and lush too. I knew that I could eat them and forgot. I bet they are still good in the pile out there. It didn’t frost last night and it’s raining. I’ll pick some to put in a salad with all my sweet peppers that are ripe or at least one or two. I planted a rain gutter grow in the middle of July and it is now getting ripe. Tomatoes are coming in tomorrow to finish ripening in the house. I already got some nice ones from it. It’s Four foot up in the air and no blight. The cabbage I think is speeding up with the cooler weather. I’ll put all the peppers right in the freezer with no protection. They stay good for over a year like that.

@northwoodswis4 I did have some of the lower whites growing along the ground and the rabbits!) and deer would eat them but the leader luckily kept going. I had chicken wire for the most part and deer once reached over to eat them.

This is how it looked on July 22.


We ate some sweet potato leaves this year. Very mild flavor and a good healthy option for green smoothies or blanched greens once spinach has bolted and other greens have succumb to the heat. They are also very prolific and don’t seem to mind being picked.


I’ve heard that the leaves were good to eat… haven’t tried them personally. Not sure I’ll get a chance either, something has been skeletonizing the leaves on mine.


Finally seeing a sweet potato blossom and some vine yellowing. hoping I’ll be able to harvest these pretty soon.


If you harvest them before they bloom are they not as good?


that I don’t know. thought I read somewhere online that it was a good idea to wait for them to bloom then give them another couple of weeks, but this is the first time I’ve ever seriously tried to grow them so I’m just winging it.