Table grape ripening order / are Concords worth growing?

Does anyone have list or source for table grape ripening order? For lots of varieties?

Also, are Concord grapes with growing (for taste) I see that they ripen very late, but I wonder if they’ve been surpassed by modern varieties?


For grape jelly, doubt if the new varieties are “better”. For fresh eating, you certainly can do better than concord.

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Concords are an October grape for me in RI. There is nothing like their taste in the fall! Don’t like dealing with the seeds, but the old fashioned taste is worth it!

For the Concord-like varieties I grow here is the order:
King of the North (appx Aug 21)
Buffalo (appx Aug 28)
Early Campbell
Fredonia (sometime in September)

Early Campbell, Fredonia and Worden all taste similar to Concord. Buffalo is a little sweeter but a little less “grapey” also. King of the North is my favorite and has probably the thinnest skin but they are really small. I’ve only tried a few Edelweiss. They are yellowish green, fruity tasting, similar to Concord, but they flower earlier so might get hit by frost more. I love the flavor of Concord grapes as much as any fruit but they are more difficult to eat because of the seed and skin. Are they worth growing? Assuming I have a decent amount of room and sun, they would be one of the first things I plant because of their flavor and reliability. Of course, I’d then move on to other fruits.
A lot of fruits are available in the store year round at one level of quality or another, but you really can’t get anything like Concords any other time of the year.
In your zone, I’d also try something like Golden Muscat. I’ve only tried muscat grapes once, but they were fantastic. They are different from both Concord and regular grocery store grapes. If you’re warm enough, maybe you could try muscadines as well. Also delicious.

Coincidentally, I just came across this going through some old photos on my computer. It is a painting my wife did a few years ago, seems like a good place to post it.


Thanks all!