Tags that lasts forever costs almost nothing

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Several years back, I bought a couple of boxes of Impress-O tags… still have to hang them high enough that the deer won’t eat them. Over the last couple of weeks, I’m finding several that have flopped around in the wind enough to break the little aluminum wires that came with them. We had a day with constant 35-45 mph winds, gusting to nearly 70 mph a week or so back… found one of those Impress-O tags that had broken loose from its wire and flown nearly 100 yards across the yard to end up in the driveway.
I’m moving more and more to nailing aluminum tags to the trees with small aluminum nails (and burying one at the base of the tree, on the north side) . Tacked to the tree, they don’t flop around in the wind - and are less attractive to the hooved rats, as well.


I have used impressotags before and I liked them pretty well, but this year I’m trying something new. I laminated little labels that I’m putting inside these key chain labels i picked up at harbor freight.

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Since our house was built in 1985, I’ve been using left over pieces of vinyl siding to make all of my tree and vegetable tags. The siding can be cut easily with tin snips into any shape and size. I write with felt tip markers; this is not as permanent as engraved metal tags, but it is adequate for my home gardening purposes.

Some tags are marked using Sharpie pens, but that is only for temporary tags for things like vegetable seedlings. These tags can be reused with a new name, since they fade after a few months. Note that Sharpie Extreme markers don’t last any longer than their regular markers; so, don’t waste your money on them.

I looked for something more permanent than Sharpies and found Lumocolor markers from Staedtler on Amazon. These will last a year or more, which is good enough for me. I didn’t investigate further, but I expect that someone makes a marker that applies a thicker paint-like ink that will last even longer.

An actual paint pen/marker would likely work well. This site appears to have an assortment of different brands and sizes:

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If been using

for 2 years now.

It paints. After dryng you can feel what you wrote. It does not seem to fade/degrade outside. But 2 years is to short to be sure.