The 39th Parallel Nursery and Orchard!

I’ll be adding it to my scion list this year!
Just when I think I don’t need to add any more…


I just picked my Golden Delicious yesterday, one of your trees on M.111. I grew up not far from Richard Fahey, I don’t know him but have corresponded with his son Noel a couple times.


He has some neat stuff. I got an Apple Pear Cross from him. I could never get it to ripen before it dropped. I finally figured out last year that it requires counter ripening after being picked like many pears.


I’m glad you mentioned this, I’ve seen it on your website and didn’t know what it was !


Thanks Mike for the Clarks Crab. Can’t wait to see how it presses. Praying for a miracle to get me through a couple more nights. Late cold wx has been challenging the last couple years.


@Olin @39thparallel

Glad Mike is getting these apples out there. There are many seedlings I have raised adapted to the rare conditions of this area. They will quickly thrive in Kansas where others fail. Consider where they originated from New Apple Seedling Varieties

Literally the entire tree will look like this. These were unsprayed photos of the original tree at my farm. It’s a very unique crabapple.


Clark’s Crab is prefect for backyard orchards and cider production. It’s one of the few here that might produce a decent crop as a no spray apple. Ripening and the end of our viable apple season, it escapes damage from Japanese beetles to the fruit (the discerning pests do prefer the leaves of the high brix variety) . I have distributed the cultivar far and wide and It’s currently being evaluated by Kansas State University. I think Clark’s Crab will find a permanent place as a widely circulated named variety.


I’m going to have to buy a couple sticks of Clark’s Crab next year.


I hope you don’t lose any fruit to the frost. Late frosts have cut my orchard production by 70% to 90% the last few years. This year the pome fruit escaped the frost. Not sure what I will do with all the fruit?

I don’t think a late frost will damage your grafts. Report back and let us know how Clark’s Crab does for you there. It’s should be in production fast. Maybe next year.


Want to also make it known to everyone I did not patent this crabapple your free to do whatever you want with it. My goal was never financial gain from my seedling apple project and I have made no money from it. The original apples were gathered from the best wild seedlings and seeds and apples were sent to me and planted. The gentleman who gathered the wild seeds and apples was compensated. These seedlings can produce fairly true to type or improved versions so I would encourage you to plant some Clark’s crabapple the seed should be viable. We all know the easy way for 99% of us is ask @39thparallel to send scions or propagate some and compensate him for his time and expertise with the cost. Not everyone can make the trip to see his orchard but believe me it’s impressive. The varieties he has there are truly unique rare varities you won’t see or can’t get anywhere else. He does everything but focuses primarily on rare apples. The espaliered pear trees ofcourse are my favorites but i bet you could guess i always head straight to the pears.


I just grafted Clark’s Crab in Maine this year, thanks for the scion. I’ll be sure to report out to the group how it performs :+1:


Was at the @39thparallel orchard today. Mike has been growing some very high quality unusual pears. One of my favorites is the infamous jumbo.

Giant seckel, dabney, green jade and others we compared. There are no bad pears in that group they are exceptional.

There are many more types of apples that i could try in my lifetime!

Normally i would have walked the orchard but i wasnt up to it today. The orchard is loaded down with fruit.


be another month before i can do that here but our local early apples are starting to ripen on old farmland.



@39thparallel literally has hundreds of apples to choose from. Always good to see Mike i appreciated the invitation! Highly recommend visiting that orchard if the oppurtunity presents itself.


Great looking fruit and orchard.


@39thparallel and i were eating some interesting fruits today at his orchard. Many apples and jujubes are heavy with fruit. Thanks for inviting me and giving me a great tour during your busy time Mike.


Wow, that’s “boss” Mike.

thanks for the tour, Clark.



One of these days we will try and document more of the hundreds of apples but it’s not an easy task to do it. Last week.he was eating che fruit and this week jujube. He has many persimmon , pawpaw, etc. .He runs out of time before running out of varities that need documented. Tried many other apples today that i dont know enough about to tell you. Apricot as an example has a nice flavor but i know nothing about it. There are all types including red fleshed and cider apple varities.


There’s a good writeup of its discovery by Lon Rombough here at Orange Pippin.



This is apricot