The best Asian Pears


Thanks Tony for taking the time to answer my question on flavor. Its good to know what varieties of the Asian pears are working for you. If you decide to start selling scions from the shinseiki seedling please consider me your first customer. I’m adding 150 Asian pears over the next two years weather permitting.


I’ve had fb problems with Hosui in SW Missouri. KG is very good and I would rate it tops along with Drippin Honey. My 1 yo grafts of Shinseiki and Chojuro grew very well and gave me a couple of fruits this summer. Shinseiki was very early which I really liked. I do not have Shinko but Ames Orchard & Nursery in Fayetteville, AR writes that it is Highest quality!


Thanks Andrew! SW MO is only a state away so I hope I don’t wind up regretting my hosui purchase. KG sounds very good.


I have only eaten Asian pears from the store at this point. I like the crisp feel and they have lots of juice. I don’t have any idea what varieties they are. They don’t seem very sweet. I have Korean giant grafted on and am really looking forward to trying one tree ripened in a year or two.


Years ago there used to be a Nijiseiki type pear tree floating around Texas that was discovered on someones property. If I remember correctly it made fruit almost exactly like Nijiseiki but the tree was much more blight resistant and it made a natural dwarf tree even when grafted over to callery. I believe it bore the name of the person whose land it came from. Anybody ever hear mention of that? I havent heard much about it in a long time.


Hosui has been the one that is most often good at local farmer’s markets around here.

The first Chojuro I’ve had were sweeter and richer than any Hosui I’ve had, but I’ve also had Chojuro that didn’t taste like anything and were probably 12 brix or less.


@fruitnut may know about the Texas Nijisiki pear wildscaper. He may have a lead on where to get one or even have one.


Thanks Murky it seems like everyone has something different to say about the taste of these Asian pears. It must be do to weather conditions in a specific location.


And personal taste. Some people love cucumbers, but if you give me a watermelon that is as bland as a cucumber, I won’t be a happy customer - no matter how good the texture or other qualities.

That’s how I feel about many Asian pears compared to my idea of a good pear. If you are going for crisp and refreshing above sweetness and flavor, then don’t listen to me.


Englands is selling scions for these Asian pear varieties
Korean Giant, Niitaka, Shinko, Shinseki, Niejeskei, Yakumo, Yoinashi, Echiban Nashi, Shin Li, Shin chul, Raja, Naju, New World, Shinko, Hosui, Atago, Indian Pear


Yesterday in my raintree shipment they sent a replacement 4x1 asian pear. Last years combo tree performed poorly and I do not think it survived the winter. The new replacement tree has (Shinseiki, Yoinashi, Hamese and Mishirasu). Last years tree had (sinsheiki, nijiseiki, yongi, and Kosui). I guess inventory varies from year to year so it’s hard to expect a direct replacement. How do you think the new varieties stack up to the originals? I’m not familiar with any of them other than Shinseiki


Is korean giant self fertile?


I don’t think so.


Unfortunately not



I’m so looking forward to graft the Korean Giant onto my existed Asian Pear trees! I have very positive results with the Hosui. Personally, they seemed to taste better with a better crunch than the 20th Century, last place is the Shinko. My Shinseike has not bear yet so I can’t comment on it.

Last year I got a bumper crop of Asian Pears. We finished the Hosui first, then finished the 20th Century before winter set in. The Shinko was just finished couple of weeks ago. Due to over-cropped the Shinko, they’re under-sized and wrinkled in the fridge. My wife cleaned and cored about 10 of them (each time) for soup/broth with a Granny Smith apple, added some dried dates and dried figs. The soup turns out fragrantly sweet and tasty.

That to say, nothing is not tasty nor wasted! :yum:



Would Bradford pears work to pollinate asian pears? What about wild Callery Pears?


Yes wild Callery or tame callery aka Bradford will pollinate about anything. European pears I’m told will work as pollinators as well for Asians . I can’t say with 100% certainty but I can say I’m 99.999% sure because callery pollinate some of my European pears and my drippen honey Asian pear. The question is will bloom time overlap with your callery and asians not anything else would prevent pollination


I am growing several as.pears but the one i like best is the Mishirasu,it is an ugli pear,large but good. Had one of them dye on me,fireblight.Asian pears are like asian persimmon,most taste the same to me.


A long the lines of pollination keep in my mind bloom overlap is not a guarantee of pollination. Make sure the genetics don’t match up for proper pollination. That’s why bradford x Bradford = sterile but Bradford x aristocrat = viable callery seedlings. Kieffer are perfect flowers meaning they pollinate themselves or others. Here is more about pollination . You may decide not to let callery flower and here is why


Taste obviously is a subjective matter. I’ve also read totally different comments on the of Asian pears planted at different climates/ locations.

Shinko is so bland here (and small), i took the tree out. Others from different places love their Shinko. I also have not been impressed with my Hosui yet.

I am waiting to taste Kosui. May need to wait another year. The graft has not grown much.

Could you please ask your wife if I could have her fruit soup recipe, please?
You can email it to me. Thanks in advance.