Thoughts on the Falling Fruit app?

I just posted about this app in another thread, but then ran a search and it doesn’t look like it has ever been mentioned on here, so I’m curious what people think of it. Could be a great way to find old plantings of unusual cultivars, collect scions or fruit, etc.

It’s intended to be an app for urban foraging, so it’s built around the idea of people adding trees they have found that are either on public land or overhang public rights-of-way, but landowners can also list trees if they want to grant access. The directory also includes any public tree databases, which are mostly city lists of street trees that have been planted in the right-of-way.

You can search by scientific or common name, and you can write reviews of fruit quality or post photos for particular trees:

It doesn’t look like they have a huge user base, and most reviews are from years ago, but still seems like a pretty useful tool.

In any case, just thought I’d share!


I’ve been an appreciative user for years. The quality of the data definitely varies from place to place, depending on how engaged people are in a given area. It’s popular with forager types, so there’s a lot on there that’s technically edible, but not really highly desirable. For example, I was poking around San Diego in the event I ever get to travel again; almost everything listed was Brazilian pepper tree. But, there were a few figs listed (I’m sure there are more that aren’t on the map) and was even able to confirm some on google street view.

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I’ve not posted the app, but I have posted the actual web site for this a few times on here. I love everything about it. I even went in and identified some fruit trees that I planted on City (public) property where I work.

Here is one of my many posts about this awesome web site, but I’m glad you brought it up again…


Fun app. There’s only about 30 spots marked in my county but 50 miles away in Queens NY there are over 10,000 and 30,000 in Brooklyn! I did my part and added a wild blueberry location I know. There are mulberries around so the next time I see them I’ll add them.


I heard of this first on hacker news -

it’s a neat idea but I’ll need to check it every year or so to make sure my “street trees” don’t get listed - they’re not in the right-of-way, but my neighborhood lacks a sidewalk so the right-of-way division isn’t clear and a well meaning person could mistake them for public trees

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If they did get listed, you could post a review and indicate that they are off limits, or asking people to request permission if there are any trees where you wouldn’t mind, since I’m not sure there’s an easy way to have things removed. I haven’t dug around too much, though.

That post you linked generated quite an interesting discussion on property rights, criminal justice, etc.

ive got some wild blackberries and elderberries on there that i discovered. i go on occasionally to see whats
in my area.

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