Too early to plant garlic in central MD?


My garlic plants are bigger now than they were at HARVEST last year. Last year was rather pathetic. My theory was that the soil was too acidic because the pH was under 5.0 when I tested it. I limed and added a bunch of organic matter, and it seems to have worked.


Lime is magic in excessively acid soil and organic matter is magic in most soils- especially for the onion family. Here in NY they traditionally grow onions in muck soil with around 30% organic matter compared to the 5-6% in a very good normal garden soil. Organic matter builds up with bad drainage and when they drain it out with deep trenches or canals it is very productive for onions, lettuce and broc and cab family vegges. But onions are almost exclusively grown in this type soil here.


Next year, I think I will add some compost or manure when planting. I went with about 5-6" of straw after planting. Clearly that has shrunk down. Should I reapply?



my garlic last summer was stunted so i added blood/ bonemeal and some composted chic manure to my raised beds last fall and put in some new bulbs. should see a improvement this summer. was missing my garlic this winter. store bought doesn’t cut it! too bland for me. i like hot garlic.


In my pic I posted today, you can see the old original straw in between the double row. I added some new stuff on the edges, where it had shrunk down, but it is still a few inches thick in the middle.


What kind are you growing?


I see it, thanks.


georgia fire.