Topworking Meyer Lemon

Got the response from Four Winds

Our meyer lemons are C-35 rootstock. Yes, it can be done (top worked with mandarin).

Would that rootstock work well for a mandarin now? @hoosierquilt?

They are it just helps with the q tip seeing no bugs in the house to land on the flowers.

My Gold Nugget mandarin is on C-35 rootstock.

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Yup. C35 is my preferred rootstock. Most of my mandarins (and most all but lemons) are on C35. Imparts precocity, and better than average resistance to Phytothphora.

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Does anybody know of a nursery that sells citrus rootstock retail?

Just top work all Home Depot meyer lemons :smile:

My store stocks FWG trees.

CCPP also sells rootstock budsticks but you need to root them. Check fruit mentor’s videos on YouTube.

Yes, this is probably the easiest way to go.

Wondering how the mandarin did on the top-worked Meyer lemon! I’m looking at my thriving Meyer lemon tree and thinking it would be fun to make it into a Frankentree. There is not much info out there on what does or doesn’t work, so I’m curious how yours did, if you have a minute to share! :slight_smile: