"UpDated" 2018-19 Figs Cuttings Rooting Propagating Experiment in Coco Coir Vs Perlite Vs Sphagnum moss Vs Pro mix HP Vs 3-1-1 Mix


Should I remove the figlets?
Yes I would remove these little figlets so Energy can go into roots development.


Yes remove them they will fall off, until then they’d steal energy from the cuttings, in some cases they may rot the cutting too. Not worth keeping them on.


Hi Alan… the Dominick cuttings are coming along well, too. They were the closest to the window and the skylight and so were the coolest and slowest batch, with one bin in between them and the unknowns in the foto. I switched the bins around so the Dominicks will be warmer. The average temp in the area is only about 70°F daytime…and they are on shelves above the fridge. They could probably stand to be a bit warmer but they are managing. First time rooting anything for me so I’m diggin’ it.


The plastic shoe boxes did you put the cover on any of them at any time?


Almost the whole time they have had lids on the bins. I found out that with the lids just a bit askew, condensation would still form a bit (inside) on the walls and lid, so it seemed about right. I removed the lids for a day (about 24 hours now) because there was a little mold on one non-fig dead branch and a touch of it on a tiny dead fig ‘leaf’ tip. Since I wrapped everything a little with parafilm I’m not worried about the cuttings but I might replace the lids (askew) today anyway.


Okay guys, advice for newbie…
I’m attempting the perlite to root some figs. A few are growing a few roots. One of them actually has put out a small shoot but there are very few roots on it. Another is putting out a gathering of roots but some of these roots extend up the cutting. These are the photos. What I need to know is when to plant them in potting medium. My potting composition is 1 part pro mix, one part nature’s care organic potting mix and 1/3 part perlite.

The one with the most roots

Full length of the one with the most roots

Small green shoot developing

Roots of the one with green shoot




Time to pot it up with a good potting mix and let it grow. Just remember not to over water it.



On the one with the roots higher up the cutting should I bury it deep enough to catch both sets of roots?


Pomegranate cuttings are supposed to be buried 3/4 of the way deep anyway. So yes bury all the roots you see up to that point.

PS oh wait those are fig cuttings, Yes bury all the roots. They can be buried deep and all the roots will help.


I buried my fig cuttings deep last year. I used cardboard containers, I think they allow the soil to dry a little more and not rot the roots like plastic


Make sure to check the temperature of the soil you are using and the water you use. Do not use cold soil or water.


All those above are good advice but just want to add “pre moist your potting mix” since there are almost no leaves so it will let you bypass another week or two without watering.


Could that one with the high roots be cut just below them,to make two plants? Brady


I would not divide it, let it grow without disturbing it.


Thanks for all your help!!



Well I left my box lid slightly ajar and all the roots are dead today…:cry::cry::cry:


Oh no,


So sorry to hear about that.


I have 4 in potting mix on heat mat…maybe!


Even if the roots looked dead I would pot them up and wait,