"UpDated" 2018-19 Figs Cuttings Rooting Propagating Experiment in Coco Coir Vs Perlite Vs Sphagnum moss Vs Pro mix HP Vs 3-1-1 Mix


This one looks like it might go… Dominick



I would try some gentle misting and also see if soil is not too dry. Also you can try putting a clear plastic bag to create some humidity.


One week later



I am glad it came back so what you actually did ?


This is one that I just potted and put on a heat mat. It took a while to bud but has not stopped since then. All my others look dry and dead. I’m happy if I get a tree from it. Is it safe to assume it has roots? It’s using water. I’m still giving only small amounts of water but it is using it.


In my experience it does have roots because with cutting energy can produce a leaf or two but not that much growth. Most cuttings gets killed by over watering if place is too dry misting always helped me.


I pull out all my figs from garage today. These are all last year rooted cuttings. Out of 66 one complete dead and Nine some tip died back but going to be fine while all others Ok.


How are your figs doing from your postings? New to the group. I did not have good luck with most of the cuttings I purchased and thinking of purchasing more to try again. I will keep your experiment mind. Thank you.


Cuttings are doing great and will transfer to the one gallons pot soon. Figs are not hard to root if you can provide these three things. Temperature 75F to 79F, Humidity 75% to 85% and Moist media not wet last one the most important.


When fig trimming season rolls around next winter, some of us trim our trees and are more than willing to give away the cuttings, particularly if someone is local and it’s just a pickup. A very kind member gave me a bunch of cuttings from her tree and I was only a few miles from her place. I do not want my figs to get too big, so I expect to trim them pretty well this coming winter.
Best of luck!


A couple of those cuttings of Dominick I rooted in perlite and then the roots turned brown seem to have revived. I have tiny green buds in a couple and one has sent a tiny leaf up from below soil level.



I would love some of your trimmings, maybe I’ll have better luck rooting them this time around. Not sure where you are but would reimburse shipping. Please keep me in mind when you do. Thanks! :slight_smile:


How long did those take to bud? I’m trying to decide if I should toss mine out. They have turned brown and some are a little shriveled and don’t look healthy.


I was about to throw them out and some had roots, then I noticed a few buds. One of those has since shriveled but two are still growing. I have others that look DEAD. But then I thought all of them did. They’ve been in potting medium for 6 weeks


All my cutting have been potted for about 10 weeks. I guess I’ll start taking them out. :frowning::weary:


Remind me in November and I will send you some cuttings.


Will do, thanks!


@Naeem @Drew51 @hoosierbanana @ampersand
I have a few successfully rooted cuttings (started in Feb), all having at least five leaves and seem to be growing reasonably well in 2-gal pots under growing lights in my basement. Two of them seem to be very slowly growing and showing signs that worry me.

The first is VDB that has about five ~2 inch long leaves on a 2 inch stem, but have been like that for the past 3-4 weeks, with no new leaves and no growth in the size of the existing leaves. The leaves are not wilted and are green, though one of them started getting slightly paler green.

The second is Rond de Bordeaux, it has relatively smaller leaves (1-2”) on ~2” stem, but the leaves have light green spots in a darker green background. It is still producing new leaves, but they grow slower than other plants, and they don’t seem to grow to the same size as other plants (they are half the size of my Sal’s GS and one tenth the size of the leaves of my Red Lebanese Bekaa Valley, the latter is doing great producing leaves close in size to those of a mature tree).

Any insights or advice?


Your progress is not bad and what I would do try to keep these alive and real growth will start outside. So you did the hard work rooting these and I would not do anything drastic just keep doing what you are doing. Some people give them some very weak fertilizer but I do not. When you bring these outside just go slowly, first shade and then afternoon sun and then full sun and no over watering while these are inside.

It could be FMV but will calm down after good fertilizing. Most of the figs has some form of FMV but I am not worried so does most fig growers.


You should get a 30x+ handheld microscope with light and check the undersides of the newest leaves of the one that has spots spots for fig bud mites. If spots start showing up on any of the other ones you will know for sure it is fig bud mites, even with the microscope they are still hard to see because the newest leaves are hairy and the mites blend in. While FMV is not usually a serious problem, the combo of fig bud mites and FMV can be very bad for young plant especially. Unfortunately the fig growing community at large does not have a very good handle on the fig bud mite so they are often distributed with plants and cuttings.