USDA Develops Cold-Hardy Kiwifruit for Immediate Release to Public

I’ve tried rooting Golden Kiwi cuttings taken in the fall, chilled outside for a couple of months, and then inserted with hormone into a pumice/peat medium in my basement. They callused nicely and sprouted leaves and even some shoots a couple of inches long but none out of about a dozen developed any roots.

I have also failed in all my kiwi rooting attempts. But I have also heard of successes. Grafting almost always works… I did maybe a dozen kiwi grafts last spring and I think all but one took.

Hey I have a bunch of seedling crosses of arguta and chinensis that I made, if anyone wants some to graft I can send wood. Just PM me. These should be much more hardy than this USDA selection as they are half arguta. Note none have fruited so it’s a total crap shoot.


I have about 30 seedlings from Costco golden kiwi. Maybe I should try grafting some of them.

My only successes with rooting yellow kiwi involved burying dormant cuttings horizontally 2-3 inches deep (or upside down). The buds tend to wait until roots form in the absence of light and they take a long time to root. The upside down cuttings in sand rooted well, but died rapidly when I tried to harden them off. I should have re- buried them horizontally and let them push shoots up through the sand at their own pace.

I also succeeded with green shoots in late spring under intermittent mist, but that requires a proper mist system.

I have been told that I should be able to get some budwood for the male Hombre, but not sure when. I’m hoping it will be tetraploid. It’s not patented, but there still may be some paperwork involved.