Using the meat in our orchards



The easiest way to train a rabbit to use the litter pan is to confine it to a small area and use a dirty litter pan already used by other rabbits. The new rabbit will smell what is in the pan and should figure it out real quick.

If starting with a new pan, it will take some trial and error to get the rabbit to realize what the pan is for. Clean up the misses with paper towel and put it in one corner of the litter pan. The rabbit will catch on.

I use the paper based litter mix for my rabbits (care-fresh?). Aspen chips work well too. Tried the corn cob litter once but the paper based or aspen chips get my vote.

Rabbits are great pets as not noisy. However, they will chew carpeting and any power cord they can find. My rabbits are restricted to certain rooms in the house (no carpeting) that have been ‘rabbit proofed’ (cords covered and rooms gated off). I have replaced a few telephone cords in the past (also lamp cords).

I had one rabbit that was a great alarm clock. She always got breakfast when the morning alarm went off. The morning it failed to go off, she woke me up as she was hungry. Glad for that as I got to work on time. That rabbit was a bit spoiled as she preferred to sleep on one of the beds all day. My wife gave up on me years ago about the rabbits in the house. She does have a rule that they can no longer be in the bedroom.

Mine all now have one room in our finished basement that they reside it. They are let out in the evenings and mornings. Some like to hop upstairs and have breakfast in the kitchen yet others are afraid of the stairs. Each rabbit is different as far as personality. One enjoyed listening to county music (Eddie Arnold) yet another prefers banjo music. I can tell because if the music is wrong they walk away and if they like it they tend to sit near my stereo speakers for long periods of time and move their ears back and forth like antennas.

Their hearing is amazing. Once when in the basement, the rabbit I was with stood up like it heard something. I heard nothing. It was a good 2 minutes later that I heard our family pickup truck pull up in our driveway. They have much better hearing than I have.


I was glad @TheDerek ask you how to litter train and even more happy that you answered. I, too, had heard of it and always wondered if it was just urban legend. To what degree are the potty trained. I mean, if you gave them free reign of the whole house, would they go all the way to a different room to their litter box, or do they have to be in the room and kinda close to the litter box? Do they still have a lot of “accidents” in the house? IE do they just use the litter box “most” of the time or are they genuinely good enough to trust anywhere in the house? This is interesting!



Rabbits are like little children. Some learn fast, others do not.
We have had many rabbits over the years. Many in my extended
family have rabbits in the house too. I had 2 different rabbits that
would only urinate in the litter pan 50% of the time. I have no idea why they would not conform. They had to be kept in a 4’ x 6’ pen I had in the basement and let out to exercise in the basement room (cement floor) when I was home so I could clean up the times they missed. All the rest of my rabbits have been wonderful. I often wondered if I needed to have litter pans in several rooms but it seems not so. Many of my female rabbits have been very good and never miss. If they need to go, they will hop back from 3-4 rooms away to get back to the litterbox when needed.

Most have lived about 8 years. One made it to 11.5 years and the oldest made it 12 years. Like old dogs, the elderly rabbits can get cataracts and also hip issues. One of mine went blind from cataracts at age 8 and would not leave the room she slept in. She would wander around the room by staying against the wall to guide her for orientation.

The smartest rabbit I ever had was a Holland lop. She was litter box trained in 30 minutes and never had an accident after that. Sadly, lops do not seem to live as long as some of the other breeds I have had over the years.


Paul, thanks so much for taking the time to enlighten me. Let me first say that, and I completely understand and respect that you disagree, like most people here I get pretty frustrated at rabbits in my orchard earing bark off trees or cutting my you seedings down, and I also have- as you have seen- had no problem dispatching them and even eating them. HOWEVER, ironic or not, I still think they are one of the cutest animals on earth and have always thought it would be fun to own one as a pet. (again, I can also see myself having some as meat rabbits, and strange as it may seem I would have no problem separating the two in my heart and mind). But the idea of having a pet that I just have to leave in a cage 90% of the time doesn’t appeal to me at all. But I always thought that was pretty much the only choice if you didn’t want rabbit poop and pee on your house floor. Hearing that it is possible to have a pet rabbit who could have run of the house is just extremely intriguing to me. I’m now a divorced single guy who doesn’t have to clear things with my wife (not that there is anything wrong with that, there are 2 sides to everything) and I’ve got just enough kid in me that I can imagine myself trying a pet rabbit. I had actually heard of potty trained rabbits, but I figured that it was being exaggerated and at best a “trained rabbit” would only go to a litter pan that was in its cage or in its same small room, and only some of the time at that. I never imagined a rabbit would actually stop what it was doing and go a spot 2-3 rooms away just to go potty, or that they would use their pans so reliably. Thanks for this great info…I’m gona look into this more!

BTW…who would think that I thread I made to talk about killing and eating rabbits might lead to me getting one as a pet! hahaha


Awesome! I’m on a diet and eating just beans mostly. I love red meat. That looks so delicious. My cholesterol is way too high so I’m going to extremes trying to get a good score on my next blood test. I wish I could eat that though. I probably could eat that whole roast about now,lol! Your roast looks like it was cooked to 125 deg. The water must be 148.


if you like meat try the ketone diet. all meat and veggies!


When you eat red meat, make sure you have added rosemary as one of the spices but most of all, eat it with lots of avocados! Avocados increases your HDL and decreases your LDL.

The number 1 modification to my diet that has really lowered my cholesterol is to forego all kinds of simple carbs and limit my intake of sweet fruits just for the tests. No bread, rice, potatoes, juices, soda… no fried food… steaks, eggs, nuts are okay… then after getting a nice score on my cholesterol for insurance purposes, I went on maintenance mode, just replaced most of my simple carbs with fruits and veggies from the garden or buy organic, and only from time to time eat simple carbs only at parties (to show I’m not a party pooper :smile: ). This has lowered my weight, blood pressure, bad cholesterol level, also went from pre-diabetic to normal blood sugar. I still enjoy red meat from time to time like 1.5 times a week and whenever I do, I eat it with avocados. Mostly fish, eggs, beans, poultry meat as sources of protein. Moderate fruit consumption and no limits on vegetables.

Our bodies produce cholesterol from simple carbs. Latest clinical studies have shown that even eating a dozen eggs a week doesn’t increase the bad cholesterol level.


I am one of those who think that cholesterol does not matter. See cholesterol mortality curves in a Japanese meta-analysis published in 2015 and reproduced here (itself a meta-analysis of studies in Japan, Europe and North America)

in particular look at the figs. in the first chapter. Telegraphic summary:

  • low cholesterol is the real killer, increasing deaths by cancer and stroke
  • optimal is a broad range around 240 for men
  • the higher the better for women. Even 400!


The term cholesterol is a misused as many know. The LDL numbers are the ones our physicians and pharmaceutical companies are obsessed with. Most doctors cannot tell you what the purpose of “cholesterol” is. I often hear “too much is bad.”. Says who, and why? Without it we die. Follow the money, these cholesterol reducing drugs are some of the most prescribed drugs in Western countries.

I think we should look at the highly inflammatory diets consumed in the Western world.


I was reading about statins. Some people that use them it does nothing for them. Other people it will show a drop but then the liver learns to increase it back up. Then there is some who can get a drop and keep it of about 10% lower. Meanwhile these drugs are damaging to the liver. I told my dr. I was still drinking a beer here and there, and she said no beer because she had me on a double dose of statins. She said it would ruin my liver. I quit taking the statins then, and went back to eating like I used to, but then my next check up showed I was at 590 with my glycerides. I quit drinking and only eat things that say 0% cholesterol. She gave me a different statin. I have a friend that’s a nurse and she said she is against the big push for statins. I think it was the series on netflix (Dirty Money) that has the episode on pharmaceuticals. That show made me so angry when I found why the price is so high on prescription drugs!!! We need to control the way that they are sold in the stock market. If you haven’t watched it you should.


statins also increases diabetic risks. it can vary by type of statins, but those that I used have very bad side effects like muscle pains and increased blood sugar. Am not longer on any medications after I forego or limit my intake of simple carbs (bread, juices, rice, pasta…) in my food. replaced them with unlimited veggies and only occasionally enjoy them and when I want to enjoy them, it must be made from whole grains and must have high fiber.


I’m not a doctor, researcher or lipidologist. From my understanding, high triglyceride levels usually correlate to excessive carbohydrate intake, especially simple sugars. As far as the lipoprotein, that’s another story. I have high LDL and total, but that’s due to being an active fat burner with a large amount of muscle mass relative to height. My triglycerides and VLDL are very low and my HDL (the “good one”) is through the roof. I would like to to get a particle count on my LDL to get my practitioner off of my back. Then again, she told me “I’ve never heard of different types of LDL particles.”.


A little off topic, but ive been doing ‘low carb’ for a couple months now. Started it to lose some weight, dropped 20lbs so far and feel fine. Nice not getting “HUNGRY” anymore, kinda goes away once you break your carb addiction. Also a lot easier to not overeat now. Dont have much desire for ‘2nds’ at dinner time, etc. Not sure I will go back to a high carb diet again…


I use Leptin diet, they’re similar to one you mentioned.


I am considered type two and had to quit eating all the white carbs you mentioned. I think I have that under control now. I also try to not drink sugar drinks. I drink more water. If I do eat bread I choose rye because I don’t like whole wheat. I also have three deep vein blood clots too, so being on thinners I have to stay away from eating to many greens also. Trying to stop eating what they say I can’t eat has been challenging. I am starting to get used to it now. I have lost 15 lbs in the last four months. That’s the other thing is my biomass is in the red. Once I lose the weight I think I will be much better. I am 6’ at 260 lbs. I was up to 275. I am very active though. When I fist started taking statins it felt like I went to the gym and over exercised. It was getting hard to go up and down the stairs at work. It was because like you mentioned the side effect.


yes, and LDL is mildly correlated with inflammation. But other numbers, such as CRP proteins, are more correlated. As a result, high CRP is more predictive of cardiovascular disease than LDL. Much more predictive. Also, TRG (triglycerides) are more correlated with CVD than LDL.


why don’t you just follow directions in David Feldman’s blog (cholesterol code)? He shows you how to lower your TC and LDL with a 3 days dietary intervention. That will get your practitioner off your back, you just do it before the test. good also to lower life insurance premiums.


Last year I watched his video where he tests it on his sister. Very cool! I plan to use his method on our next health screen.


I did a 40-hours fast before (ha ha) testing my TC online, because my practitioner is also someone who I need off my back, so I did not need her to see my artificially high score. She is a real statin peddler. +30% for both LDL and TC.

Then I did it again during a mildly high fat period (I did not have the opportunity to do it right) as an exam to enter a fitness program to save money in my yearly pool subscription. I got -10%. Then I repeated it the next year, and got -16%. To complete my test, I should really go high fat for 3 days and test.


Impressive results for just a moderate increase in fats. @glib

There are a couple of things that weren’t touched on in David’s video. Does the type of fat matter? My instincts are to go for the monounsaturated fats. Those are my favorites anyways, I can eat a whole jar of macadamia nut butter. I do love my Kerrygold butter too; although, I’m not sure on going heavy with the saturated fats. I imagine not going crazy with any of the PUFAs is a good idea too.

Second, should I fat bomb the morning of blood draw? I would think this is a yes, but I could be missing something. I normally get up at 4 am, and blood is drawn at 10ish am. Currently, I never eat breakfast. I would like to maximize results for this test.

One other thing, I would like to keep my protein about the same, but I would be willing to change for a few days. Do you think 140 grams daily is too much for testing purposes?