Washington Navel Orange in Vista CA

Would you show a cross-section of one of your Washington Navels?
I just picked my first Washington navel from ghouse grown 2-year-old plant. I wonder if its rind is abnormally thick (perhaps indicating too much N or too little P?).
My Washington Navel is the one on the right …which I contrasted with a store bought orange that I think was a navel.

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I also love Clauson Nursery in Vista CA. They have a wonderful selection, know everything, do their own grafting, have been in business 2 generations at least. Always helpful and wonderful prices. And yes, they are a bit quirky. Other tropical fruit trees too.

My experiences with them have been different.

Now I’m convinced I bought a tree with the wrong tag. My Washington navel looks nothing like yours. Mine are small and smooth. Probably a juicing orange.

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Is it seeded?

No seeds. Maybe a Valencia variety idk

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