Watermelon Growing




We opened another Orange Glo and it was even better than the first one. I served it on my son’s birthday for kids 9-12 years of age. They definitely never saw orange watermelon before and were extremely suspicious about it. Couple of kids refused even to try. :grin:


I hope they were enlightened! Great job!

You’re more generous than I. On the one hand, I want to have friends over to share the delight of these melons, properly chilled of course. On the other hand, I want to eat the whole thing by myself, with no one else around, savoring every single bite.


Which melon variety is in the second photo, the redder one?


Well, that’s cause we know that red watermelon is an excellent source of lycopene so eating red watermelon is better for you than yellow watermelon.
Eat your veggies and no snacks before dinner.


Cityman, I think a woven electric fence would keep out the coyotes. It hasn’t kept out all the rabbits, but has worked on the larger animals for me.


You’d think the coyotes would eat the rabbits!


Tender sweet orange. The kids favorite so far


The day has arrived and the result was amazing!! Love it!! Thanks All!!
15.6 lbs. maybe 2 days overripe but nonetheless great taste!!


Congrats! It’s like being a kid again!


I wish I lived at your house during watermelon season!


I do too. I can’t keep up with the weeds alone.


A big Charleston Grey today. Maybe 35 lbs


That’s a very rotten watermelon. Too bad you didn’t pick it sooner.


No ray rose that was a fine watermelon. The picture is a little off with the flash it was outside in the evening.


Hoping this baby will ripen before frost


Took most of the watermelons that are left out of the garden, not my best year for melons but am satisfied with flavor.


Very nice


Looks great to me!


We are eating our third Orange Glo watermelon, it is very good. There are three more watermelons which were set at the end of August, l am not sure if they will be able to ripen. One single Orange Glo plant have 6 large watermelons, The other varieties are not so productive.