Watermelon & Melon Growing 2019


We have a den of yotes about 100 feet from the melon match. This year has been a lot less of whatever walks on all fours - minus the deer of course.


I"ve heard that they, too, will chow down on melons


The yotes? They take a bite once or twice then don’t seem to care for them. Other food sources I figure are more palatable and more readily available for them nearby, such as the many baby rabbits hopping around rather clumsily. The deer don’t seem to care for the melons, they for whatever reason take a bite out of the watermelon. We have plenty of crabapples and apples on the property that by the end of August they don’t bother the melons. They rather have the apples.


I salvaged two that they missed - almost overripe.


I just realized that the picture I thought was Ha’ogen is actually PGdR.

It’s from a row where I planted two weeks later than the others so the melons developed smaller.

I just sent samples of Ha’ogen, PGdR, Kiku, and White Wonder off to @IL847. She can tell you how it tastes. :slight_smile: If I could send samples over the internet, I would offer you a slice as well.


Thanjs Justpeachy for sharing some of your melons with me , The water melon is tender and crispy. Very thin rinds, i almost eat the skin all together. First time i I have white watermelon. Not bad at all.
The haogen melon is very sweet, but only near the center,if left it on the vine ripping few more day , the rest may be sweeter and softener.
I love the taste and texture of the PGdR, really sweet, nice soft , creamy texture. One of the best I ever tasted.


The Ha’ogen I gave you was slightly a week or so before full ripeness. The recent rain got to it, and burst it, so I had to choice but to pick it. But you get the idea of the taste.

I gave you White Wonder. White Sugar Lump is better imo, but we already went through all of those.


Thank you very much. First off, a little background information about myself. I am from Malaysia, climate wise USDA Zone 14a (?).

It was Amy Goldman’s descriptions that " This melon gives me the chills " and also "You will blink your eyes with disbelief when you sample its sweetness, which is more like brown sugar than white. It will melt on your tongue, and your mouth will water for more " that made me buy the seeds from Baker Creek. There are other sources for these seeds, but some will not ship to Malaysia directly.

It was only through your message that I heard that it was " the champagne of French cantaloupes ".

It was the only type of french cantaloupe seed that I bought, so I guess I will continue with that until I succeed or run out of seeds.

Growing it wasn’t that bad until the insect Aulacophora Foveicollis started laying eggs in the soil near the stems, when the eggs hatched the larvae burrowed into the stems, that was it. Overnight the plant wilted and a slow painful death ensued. Autopsy of the stems found a few larvae burrowing inside.

Maybe I will try dousing the soil with diatomaceous earth among other organic preventative measures
that I will take, if it works, I will let you know. This insect, among others, do eat the leaves, but the damage done there is not so great.


Thank you very much for your internet slice offer, it looks great !


Amy Goldman calls PGdR the “champagne of French melons” on page 17. It’s not on its entry page 38. I find it to be one of the more temperamental melons to grow. Technically, I mean… sure it grows easily. It dies just as easily… Getting to ripe is a real chore. If it’s not the bugs, it’s the rain, or humidity, or some 4-legged animal, etc…


I do not have Amy Goldman’s book, Googled it and this came up.


I bought the book mostly as a reference point for Brix readings. I ended up slowly trying a good deal of the melons mentioned in the book.


Picked this Crimson Sweet on 10/6. Cut it up today. Considering Oct watermelons in zone 6a, I am happy with this one. Sweet enough but not the CS sweetness standard. Brix was 10. It had firm texture. Fun to eat.

In fact, I picked 4 watermelons that day. Ate 2 and both were good.

I picked the rest of my watermelons yesterday, 10/27. Not sure if this last batch will be any good.