What are your best orchard tools?

These are my pruners- from the Fiskars model 79456933 series.

These are my loppers- also from Fiskars.

These are great tools!


This is the electrician’s tape I use for grafting. Multi-color pack can be had for under five bucks at Walmart.


Dormant spray season is nigh. My orchard has outgrown my backpack sprayer. Now that you have had this battery powered cart sprayer for few years, how has it held up?

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How do you clean out the tank on that cart sprayer? I may be interested in that for surround but needs to be easily cleaned. Thanks.

Quite well. It’s easy to drain. I had to replace the battery once, possibly because I let it run down - apparently you are supposed to keep that kind plugged in.


It has a plug near the bottom, you open it, let the remnants flow out, then hose out the inside.

I don’t know about Surround, I’d worry about it clogging the hose coupling. I usually add clean water to the tank and spray it out, dunno if that would work w/surround, tho. But I’ve never used Surround.


I know this is an older thread but I did purchase this cart and it works well. Very easy to use. Thanks.

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