What have you given up on? Or plan to give up on in 2019


Thank you! sounds like a good one to skip for me. I like commercial pink lady apples in the store, among store bought, it’s usually stand out, maybe that’s why people ask for it (something they know and like). I’d rather grow something that works better here as apples are definitely marginal. I got mine from Century Farms.


Well since either a bad removal of a limb killed it slowly or the early 2019 snow killed it,mushrooms near root told me it was dead, my white currant of about a decade was removed. It took up about 4 or more feet of space in diameter, but was only about 3 feet tall, and birds and bugs never touched it, totally healthy until it died. I would gladly plant that variety again.

I will give the Meeker raspberry this finaluear to produce and if it dies without much fruit again I am done. I wishI knew the kind my grandparents had in Vancouver, WA in 1970s, which was delicious not sour, dark red, conical and not small.

I have to check but I think it was Tristar strawberry that vanished. Most strawberries spread here, so for it to die and not even leave offspring is odd. I am not thinking to try that variety again. I have pineapple strawberries that spread, looks nice, but I did not get much last year, and it did not taste that great. I will see how it goes this year. Alpine berries are kind of the same story, but they all are healthy green mounds and alpines even flower in winter, so that will stay.

2 potted figs are eh. They are the kinds for my zone, but I read can be invasive so I put in pots. The hard snow killed just the upper part of both, still alive, but wondering if they need transplanted to bigger pots, or put in ground, or fertilized to get fruit, only one gave me fruit it was 4 figs of huge size.

These do not grow in my region. People say they do. No they don’t. I only get watermelon at events it gets served, store bought is blah or too big. Makes me sad as I love melons. Sugar Kiss is the best melon I have eaten and so while it is hybrid I still throw the seeds in my compost…wishing.

Cucumbers also do not grow and so no more willI try, not worth cost. Oddly squash grows well.

Goji berry needs nearby weeds and iris removed to do well. I planted it last year. It is alive and greening up, and small. The rain is keeping me from digging.

Female or Issai mini kiwi died. It was planted in April last year. No clue why other than if too hot of sun or rodents making tunnels prevented roots from getting water. The male pollinator is thriving. I wonder if a female mini kiwi could be planted closer?

Qiestioning growing tomatoes again as they were not productive. I do like currant types. Good for dehydrating. Big ones never grow big.

Lingonberries always fry. I give up.

My 2 new honeyberries survived winter. They replace one bludgened to death by builders who threw roofing on it. I forgot the varieties, so the remaining huge bush may not be fertilized by the new varieties. The bush would look nice if the hired maintenece did not take a chainsaw to it. It only will be removed if they murder it.

Blueberries are eh. It is 3rd year, very small. I will give it more time.

I have 3 rhubarb, one I transplanted because it was not doing well. They are growing leaves but stalks are very short and narrow just like my celery. Why? It takes barely any space as so small so I will leave it for now. I will not try again.

Everything else seems okay. So no major pulling.


David, watermelons can be grown - its just a lot of work this far North. I have grown them for 20 years with great success. The two things to overcome are lack of heat and a short growing season. Pick fast maturing varieties (70 to 80 days) and give them as much heat as possible. A row cover does wonders. Varieties like Blacktail Mountain and Sweet Favorite are a couple of the easier varieties to grow.


I hear you. I am just saying I have not every gotten the vines to even grow 1 foot.


When the sun is bright and direct like it is here in kansas plant currants, raspberries, goossberries etc. In the shade.