What is going on today 2017?

I remember that “pish pish” sound and seeing that bobber rocking way back when I was a very small kid and my mom would can things. First time I’ve had that memory in 30 years or more…thanks for that. I still remember how my mom wouldn’t even let me in the kitchen when using a pressure cooker…she always acted like it was a live bomb ready to go off at any moment! haha.

I cannot believe you can CHICKEN!!! WOW…you really have a lot of confidence in the process. I’d be terrified of food poison…I even worry about canning the veggies that don’t have acid (I know you can add it, but still). I guess all that stems from the fact that I’ve had food poisoning twice in my life and both times was horrendous. But I love the idea of being able to keep things without refrigeration- especially chicken. I do kill and freeze my own sometimes, and I do like the idea of canning, but boy it makes me nervous! I may have to pick your brain more on this whole canning thing at a later time. Thanks


Thanks. I will be spraying the trunks from now on. There are only a few entry holes. Do you think I can inject one of the pesticides they mention in the holes to kill the beetles?

From this morning’s walk around:

Unknown apricot graft. Should have marked it. It is a 12 inch branch yet it has 5 apricots on it. I have an 5 foot tall aprium tree that has yet to produce fruit.

I’ll have about 200 apples on this tree if I don’t do more thinning. Anna, Dorsett Golden, Fuji, Red Fuji, Pettingill, and others I didn’t label.

It looks like I will have my first Satsuma plums ever (fingers crossed). It only took 7 or 8 years…:unamused:

Splash Pluot - a super heavy setter in my area, outgrows and outproduces my other pluots by a HUGE margin.

Tropic Snow Peach - small but super tasty, this one will probably be ready in about 2-3 weeks.


According to the website, it doesn’t seem like there’s a pesticide that will work after they get into your tree but I guess it couldn’t hurt.

@Bigdoug03 You can push a piece of wire in the holes too.

I bagged my peach tree today. Well, not whole tree, but a part of it with minimum count of bags - one.:grinning: This is to test how it works. Last fruiting year( 2015) I had tones of peaches, but they all where affected by something, that made them very unhealthy looking. (That was discussed in this thread Bacterial Spot resistant peach for zone 5? - #5 by galinas). I still don’t know what affected them, but want to see if bagging will help.



Is that made of tulle?

No, I bought fine plastic netting this year. So far I like it both in the garden and in the orchard much more then tulle. It is much stronger, easy to work with and they promise multi-year use.I do not believe that much in multi-year, but if it holds at least one full season on my cabbage I will be happy. Tulle is gone by August and needs to be replaced for fall crop.
It is not that cheap though.

I used a mosquito net on my cherry tree one year. The moisture can’t get in and out too easily. It created more brown rot issue for me. I have not use a mosquito net since.

This is not really mosquito net, it is different… If you want, stop by, look at it in real world.

I will stop by next week. I want to wait and see how it holds up against the rain for the next few days.


I used tulle on my grape vine last year. Worked well for few months. Setting it up was the hard part. I’m going to try that with my peaches this year. Can you access the fruits for thinning? I usually staple it together and make it permanent and then rip it off come fall.

I can, I use that handy office clips I got from some yard sale for free time ago, whole box of them! They are most useful things!

Can you post a pic of those clips?

I did, third picture in my post above. They are not cheap at all, only reason I can use them I got a lot of them( hundreds! ) and for free. http://www.staples.com/Acco-72100-Binder-Clip-Large-1-06-Capacity-Black-Silver/product_669768

Was out walking by the fenceline that’s between the pasture and back orchard. There are old, tall apple trees out there, and they are fruiting now after blooming. We have this tree, which is a Milam, with its little fruit clusters:

However, we found fruit on another tree, which looks like an apple, but its not in clusters like a typical apple cluster. It looks like its on the tips only, not really on the branch, or spur. Here’s a few pics.

I know the fruit is too small to tell, but it does look like an apple, and it’s obviously not a Milam. Is this what you call a tip bearing apple?

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We should try that

I don’t know enough to make a good judgement. So I will just speculate. It might also be that the tree is just older and low in vigor. If it isn’t getting much light inside all the spurs might be right there out on the tips of the branches.

I tried to graft a scion from a wild tree to see what it might be like in a better environment, but couldn’t find enough 1 and even 2 year old wood to make a decent graft with, and it didn’t take.

Talking about sweet cherry. Mine two multi grafted sweet cherries fruits are looking promising. I need to spray them this weekend.


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