What is your Tip OF The Day?


Yup. Me too.


Probably not for everyones taste but I also stuff my pants leg into my socks. I will occasionally see a tick attempting to climb up my leg if lighter pants are worn like tan. Staying hydrated and dressing for the occasion is important.

Great advice.


Yes a straw hat is nice…


I’ve had some minor skin cancer issues and now I wear a large-billed, light colored hat with flaps that hang down to cover the back of my neck and the sides of my face; my latest version has a snap on the flaps so that they can be pulled forward to cover much of the face:

It’s kind of funny looking and not all that well made, but good enough and serves my purpose.


Its a fab hat! I have one for bone fishing in the Keys! Love it.


This might already be covered somewhere else. My first surround sprayings was with a mixture of surround and a few drops of dawn. For about six weeks now I switched to surround and a half portion of neem. It appears that the surround/neem is holding better/longer than by itself. Even after a rain it seems like more surround remains.


Can you please tell me from where did you got the surround, I can not find at our local stores. I saw some 25 pounds bags at Amazon I do not need that much. Thanks


Seven Springs. I delayed buying surround because of the large quantity 25 pound bags. Looking back I wish I had purchased it sooner.


Thanks I will buy soon.


I bought my first bag of surround from Gardens Alive…they sell in smaller quatities. I can not say I would promote Gardens Alive…but worth a look.


You can use a lot of Surround in a hurry, even with just a few trees.


This is an early tip/observation about ripe Williams Pride apples. I let my first one get completely red (beautiful apple) and hang several days before testing it. Not a good idea as it was in advanced stage water core. I go get another one that was mixed red and it had a sweet/tart taste with a pleasant wine aftertaste. Pretty good for an early apple. Most everything I have is ripening early this year. A few of my largest Orient pears are getting sweet but not many. Like to hear more from others about when you pick Williams Pride and your taste opinions. My limited experience indicates a little early picking is better than a little late.


Here, the best tasting William’s pride always have water core to my palate. No off flavor, just higher brix. Some apple varieties are just prone to this. It’s funny that the Japanese prize water-core apples while we dread them. A water-core Fuji is pure sugar- well, at least around 25%. I assume that off-flavors must be a weather related problem.


My Winter Banana also has a tendency to water core. I like a little of this taste as long as I catch them in the early stage.


My tip today is since it will soon be grasshopper season and it already Japanese beetle season remember that in the cool morning calm air spraying can be most effective. Insects don’t move good in the cold. It’s the equivalent of catching fighter pilots sleeping and shooting up their planes on the runway. Don’t wait until they are in the air to fight them because you will never win against those odds!


You’ve been watching 4th of July movies?


Catch them having sex


My eyes!!!:innocent:


After 5 years I actually have a tip to offer new blueberry growers who may be struggling. I was always reading about how blueberries were easy to grow, and if not you just had to add some type of acidifier to the soil and all would be well. I had terrible luck growing in-ground blueberries at my place. I never had my soil tested (dumb) but am confident has a high PH (ie low acidity). My plants would barely grow at all, they would often be yellow and just clearly unhealthy. So I mulched with pine needles and pine mulch for a year and that wasn’t enough to do any good (not surprised). The next spring I started adding Espoma Soil Acidifier (30% sulfur- 18%free +12% combined). I was adding about a handful sprinkled around each blueberry plant about once a month. THe year I started it seemed like it wasn’t helping at all. By now my blueberries were about 4 years old and just looked barely alive- and some died. But I kept adding the sulfer all season and even once in the middle of winter just to try and make sure what I’d added didn’t get washed away. The following year I saw a marked improvement. It wasn’t a dramatic increase, but a very noteworthy improvement over all prior years. And each month durring the second season of using sulfur things got better. That winter I again added some to try and maintain the improvements I had obviously made to the soil. The following year is the season we are in now. My plants are mostly on their 3rd season of receiving sulfur and the results are absolutely shocking. You just cannot believe the difference I’m seeing in my blueberries. There isnt a yellow leaf anywhere- the plants are that beautiful, bright green color from top to bottom. More important, the rate of growth is just unreal. The tips of every single “limb” have beautiful, tender, new growth and LOTS of it. In many cases, the original plants have sent up new shoots from the ground and those shoots have grown more than 3 feet tall just this year (about 3 months!). I could go on and on, so just take my word that my blueberry plants are absolutely incredible this year.

So, if you are wondering what my “Tip” is, its 2 fold. One, I want to mention the type of sulfur product that I’m using and I’ve included a link to it. Buy it if your blueberries are struggling, it works.

HOWEVER, the main tip I want to offer and what surprised me most is that IT TAKES A LONG TIME TO CHANGE YOUR SOIL (or at least it did mine). I’ve read this other places so its not just me. But I don’t think most new growers understand this. I fear a lot of people might just add sulfer a few months, not see much improvement, and give up. DON’T!!! I encourage anyone with blueberries that are not doing well to add sulfur and keep doing it. It took mine a whole year to see results and about 20 months to see dramatic, amazing results. So it takes time, but it will work!!!

Others here may say there are better products or better ways to do this, I can only speak of what has worked for me and worked incredibly well! Good luck growers.


Great tip. Thanks