What is your Tip OF The Day?


The thermal mass retains heat very well. You don’t get as much of a drop in temperature when adding a bunch of cold ingredients. Plus, the pans are nearly indestructible so even if you burn something, it really doesn’t matter. It just takes some elbow grease to get it off. I can cook a pretty darn good steak in these pans when I’m feeling lazy.

I suggests using a well-used soft sanding pad like this one. You get much better control, and don’t have to worry as much about grinding too deep.


The leaves have fallen from my fruit trees and this is a great time to look them over for disease spots. Not only are the problem areas more visible now but it is a good reason to get out among our trees.


If you are ever in the need for woodchip mulch and get one of those tree service fliers in the mail or see a sign in your neighbors yard, call them up and ask them if they could drop off a load of woodchips at your house when they are in the area. I called yesterday and the guy said he would drop a truckload off after he was done with a job for $50. I asked how much was a truckload and he told me 5-10 yards. :open_mouth:


I’ve had many a load dumped here for free. Apparently it saves them the county dump fee and they are happy to do it.


Yes, free is the going rate here too.


Did some measure toady. Two layers of Reflectix bubble insulation with 8 inches in between and one 200W reptile lamp + fan+ controller set on 32F with 4 degrees delta gives you 31F inside when outside is -2.2F with wind chill to -12. First day of whole winter today to see how well it helps.


I missed what you are trying to protect.
It would be neat also to use a kill-a-watt meter to see how much is needed to maintain that temp in your setup as a function of outside temp. :thinking:


Free here too. I’ve had a few tree services try to charge, but I don’t spend much time with them. Remedial wood mulch is a waste product here. Tree services are happy to get rid of it. Although I do give the guys some free peaches in season, when they drop off a load, as a courtesy.


Right now I think it is pretty much on all the time… But it was not before :grin:. It is my persimmon inside.


Tip: Don’t prune when tired or in a hurry. That’s when I make some cuts I regret for a long time.


Yes,that could happen to the pruner and prunee.Did I just coin a word?bb


Just a friendly reminder to not let your dogs chase geese… there have been a bunch of pond rescues in the past month around here after dogs went through the ice, thankfully no fatalities.


That is a guy who wants his breakfast and lunch paid for. They would pay that, if not more, if they were to drop it off at the dump. Not sure about your area, but once I signed up for www.getchipdrop.com I’ve had multiple 10+ yard loads dumped on my driveway for free.


if you have any kind of wood mill or firewood business nearby they will be glad to fill your truck for free. i get some of mine from a local firewood business. all hardwood rough cut sawdust. stuff breaks down in 1 season. i mix it up w/ chips i get from the arborist.


AM Leonard has free shipping on any order for the next couple of days.

Code 2C19P


After grafting your special scions to one tree then park some on another tree. Now you can rest easier knowing that you probably have a back up. Nothing new with this but it is still a good practice. If you have enough scions store a few in your frig for another back up. Today I grafted four limbs with AU Rosa and put one more on another tree.


Auburn has a rating for many things about plums but I was mostly looking for the most disease resistant varieties. AU Rosa and AU Cherry plum were the only two I found with a perfect score. AU Cherry is a decent tasting plum and I have yet to try the AU Rosa.


I stopped by our local Tractor Supply today and they had those low cost plants insde. These are small plants with some only being a few inches high. The one that caught my eye was hazelnuts for $5.99 each. I’m assuming that these are seedling of native plants but not sure. If someone is wanting a few small plants and don’t care what nut size they are they might be for you. With that said I’m growing the hybrid releases and I have no interest in them.


Check your trees before the growing season for signs of disease and remove it before it has a chance to spread in the spring rains.

Black knot disease has finally found my plums


Yes and unless you get rid of it will multiply so your tree looks like its filled with dog poo! I put those limbs and branches into a bag of their very own, and make sure I carry along a jar of rubbing alcohol for dipping the ends of my clippers and loppers. After lopping or cutting limbs with black knot, this time of year I will spray with copper and a sticker. Works for me. Zone 7a. Each zone is different.