What tomatoes will you grow in 2019?


ZenDog – I bought a bunch of your your small sprouted tomatoes last year on a Saturday after one of my kids’ soccer game at Wakefield HS for the PTA fund raiser and they turned out to be the best I’ve grown in years. I know this year has been crazy with school, stay at home, etc… but was wondering if you had any more tomato plants available?

FYI: I think the one KBX plant I got from you produced 30+ lbs of fruit. Unfortunately, the Wakefield Warrior died soon after planting. Oh well. My kids said it had to do with them going to W-L. Just funny. Also, the crushed heart turned out a ton of fruit, too.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Please let me know.




Hi @tolisman. I missed your first post, but just saw the one you just posted. I do have some plants left, but limited. I actually sold most that I had grown through a local facebook group and my community garden group. We raised over $500 for the PTA so far this year. I’ll send you a message.


2020 Peppers in the ground, most of them 4 plants per variety.

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2020 Tomatoes in the ground, most of them 3 plants per variety.

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