What tomatoes will you grow in 2019?


I buy some of my pepper and tomatoes plants from here… http://www.chileplants.com/tomato-plants.aspx. I pick my plants up at the nursery, but a good part of their sales are mail order, not sure how well they ship. Always have the highest quality plants and a great selection.


Thanks so much!


Is there an on line company’s that sells excellent tomatoe plants? Please let me know.

http://www.tomatobabycompany.com/ has excellent reviews on GW, and she carries a very large selection of tomato plants.


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I say tomato, you say tomatoe …


I’ve heard plenty of suggestions and have applied pretty much all of them, but lower the pH is a new suggestion for nematode prevention. So far I’ve managed to live with them by crop rotation. The heaviest infested beds gets a full planting of garlic which seems to starve majority of the population since they only come back in force around September. I think I have to apply a freakish amount of compost and add shrimp meal (something I always do) but then let it sit unused under a foot of leaves for a whole season because the heaviest infestation seems to spread to more an more beds despite my attempts not to use unwashed tools between beds. Forget growing root crops… :frowning:
However, I’m moving this year, so I’m hoping they’re in my past moving forward.


Have you tried cover cropping with marigolds in rotation?


I’ve French marigolds growing everywhere. I even grow it elsewhere in larger quantities so that I can chop them up and bury them in the beds between crops. I have yet to designate an entire bed with tightly planted Marigolds but I doubt that will change the game.
Like I stated earlier, I’m moving soonish so I hope I no longer have to deal with them. The source is still unknown, but most likely the bulk compost I brought in at the beginning of the garden build is to blame.


Marigolds actively kill nematodes by encysting them then flooding the cyst with oxygen. Marigolds of the right type will reduce nematode populations dramatically. It will be interesting in years to come to see if gmo technology can be used to transfer active nematode control from marigold to food crops.


I’m going with Brandywine, Red Zebra, Early Wonder, Cherokee Purple, Aussie, creole, Carmelo


I will be growing the following tomatoes.
Big Raspberry
Amish Rose
Gregory’s Altai
Buckeye State
San Pedro Giant
Napa Giant
Anna Russian
Purple Passion
Dwarf Purple Heart
Sweet Ozark Orange
Zolotoe Serdste
German Johnson
Honey drop
Ed’s Millineum


Tim’s Black Ruffles, I grew last yr.


For a red cherry, Gardener’s Delight is worth a try.


I bought some Flavor Bomb cherry tomatoes from Sam’s Club and I am wondering if it will grow true from seeds? The label stated the best seeds from France.



Got my seeds from Ohio Heirloom. They include: Azoychka, Omar’s Lebanese, German Strawberry, Hillbilly and Sister Miriam tomatoes. Also got Fish, Jalapeno and Ghost Pepper seeds.

Now that they’re here I can finalize my list for the year. We were at Tractor Supply today and they already have seeds out, but I didn’t find any tomatoes that interested me.


There is a new tomato on my radar with a reportedly best ever tomato flavor called Napa Chardonnay Blush. Still debating on this one.


I also saw Napa Chardonnay Blush when I was ordering my seeds. I was tempted to try it, but I already have plenty of cherry seeds so didn’t.


Hi everyone - new member who has grown maters since 2004 in downtown Indianapolis. I always grow:

Ozark Pink (wife loves it)

but the other 5 or 6 (that fit) are up in the air. I had great success with

Northern Delight (Bush) in 2018 and also
Tigerella (Indet) in 2017

That said will be trying some new oxheart and roma types now that I know how to boil down tomato juice into pasta sauce.


This is a very interesting article http://grownorthwest.com/2012/03/something-of-a-legend-an-interview-with-tom-wagner/


On Wednesday, February 13, 2019, tomato seeds were put in to moist peat pellets, which were in a plastic container, that plastic container was left partially open for breathing

We have decided on two more tomato varieties for this year, I have updated the list