What tomatoes will you grow this year?


Thanks, I’ll give them a shot next year, along with the Romeo’s.

Are your sure it’s not called Tim’s Black Truffles? That would seem to make more sense. Never heard of a Zap PP, sounds like some funky Mexican variety?

Maybe by not spraying, perhaps I can see which variety can take our rough conditions. Maybe tomorrow I can give some kind of report on which of my varieties are showing the best/worst suspectability.

Just saw this week’s forecast. Every day in the 90s, with just a small chance of rain. Looks I’ll need to do some watering later in the week. But, I will say, our nights are very humid, with lots of dew, so that helps a little bit. I have several plants over 5ft tall, and they’re not really showing any heat stress yet. We sit on a east facing slope, so by 6pm, the sun is behind the tree line, so our plants don’t bake until sunset.


Yes, I agree!
Zapotec is from Mexico, so it can stand the heat too!

I learned about all of these being a member of Tomatoville. It’s an excellent tomato forum, the people are very generous even to me. I’m hardly there these days and asked for Seek No Further Love Apple, and had it in minutes. After I lost all of my seeds. I need to make seed offers there and pay it forward. Tim’s sounds like a good start, I found that one myself from Diane! She has some excellent flower seed. Garden Watchdog top 5 for annual flower seeds. Some excellent articles there too on companion plants and beneficial plants. A great site, not just another seller.


Been enjoying some delish Sunsugar and Sungold cherry tomatoes so far. Everything is at last a month late compared to normal years due to our terrible winter & cold, wet spring. We’ve basically had good weather for just over 30 days now, but before that, it was not veggie growing weather, that’s for sure.



Well, I’ll report that ‘Bobcat’ will never be grown again, here. 2017 seeds from Territorial. Planted mid-May. Grown in rootmaker’s first… had excellent roots. 25" tall now after two months in the ground On the same note, a friend planted one at his lake property which has black loam for as far as your eye could see… same story.

Photos from this morning July 18th. of my parents plants.



Yeah, thats not very much growth, at least there’s some toms growing tho. Maybe it’s one of those dwarf-like varieties. @Drew51, do you know anything about Bobcat?

Some of our plants seem like they grew two feet in a couple weeks! I have De Barao and Russian Queen plants that are pushing 6ft! They’ve outgrown their tobacco stick stakes that are about 4ft. My two Beefsteak plants seem to be more of a shrub type, very thick stalks and dense foliage. Those aren’t more than 3ft tall.


@Barkslip Have you gotten much rain?


Bobcat is a highly resistant determinate (produces all at once, and it’s done). Sometimes when hybrids are made, it doesn’t go as planned. Sounds like what happened. Territorial does not make the seeds, one company makes all seeds for every seed seller, so don’t blame Territorial. I have seen this with Burpee hybrids, and it happens from time to time. Especially with hybrids that involve complex breeding to produce seeds. When I say happen, I mean the hybrid fails to be what it is supposed to be. I have had beefsteak types not produce anything above 5 ounces when it happened to me.
Somehow they can do three way crosses and such and some years the seed fails.
Determinate tomatoes usually never get tall, I don’t know much about Bobcat? So it might be fine? I see it has tomatoes at least.I did see one description as massive, so it sounds like something went wrong with the seeds this year.


My folks have. They live a bit north.

It was so dry here that under my shoes I could hear the turf crunching. Finally after a month or so of drought, A bit over two inches came in. That was within the last 7-10 days and over a 48-hour period.



These are my standard workhorse, Golden Jubilee. They are heirlooms and are kinda blight prone. I don’t bother removing blighted leaves, haha, not even for a photo op. If they get too big, I prune them not to be over the cages by more than 1’. The suckers (which I never remove) will bear me what I need. Behind the Golden Jubilee are my earlies which are finishing up.

And although sampling new kinds are fun, below is the whole point of this exercise.

The GJ are good slicers and very meaty for canning too.


I grew a determinate a couple years ago, called Cyril’s Choice. It never got above three feet or so, and was very dense. We didn’t get to sample much fruit as disease and deer took over. Nice plant, but we never tried it again. All the other plants were indet’s, and all got above 4ft at least.


The Dwarf Project plants range from 3 to 4 feet and all of them are indeterminate. Just for reference.


sun sugars are the best tomatoes in the world


Yeah I usually grow sun sugar or sun gold. I have sun green and sun lemon but have yet to grow them out. Growing black cherry and carbon copy this year. More of a traditional dark tomato. The sweet million series are also very sweet. Easy to keep eating them.


“sun green tomato”

Ho lee crap




Lol I was thinking green ketchup.


The seeds came from The Sample Seed Shop http://www.sampleseeds.com/ which I highly recommend.

As far as taste, I wish I could say, but I don’t eat tomatoes! I just grow them and give them away :slight_smile: Most folks say the Fantome du Laos are milder and less acidic, which is to be expected of white tomatoes. The Arbuznyi are always a big hit. Everyone also raves about the “pink ones” and “red ones”, but I can never be sure which ones they’re talking about.


Our family totally agree. I used to grow 6-8 varieties but now mainly save most of my tomato greenhouse space for sun sugars.



With my family one plant of Sun Gold or Sugar is enough. I myself cannot tell them apart and prefer the growth habit of Sungold so grow that mostly although not this year. Trying others, many I like too, as mentioned the sweet million types are very good too. As is Jasper, not as sweet but well flavored.


I grow both Sun gold and sun sugar. Unless I read the tag i can’t tell difference either. Maybe I’ll pick both and do a taste test with my family