What's going on with my Kieffer pear?


Kieffer Pears can have a red tint partlally influenced by environmental factors such as soil, temperature etc. . These are some of my improved kieffers from 2016 which tend to run very red but change back to mostly green later in the year and finally to yellow once ripened inside just like my other kieffers. 9f132979faed6f25a1e9f227d06688c03f61f747_1_690x923[1]9B2B8192-D25A-45D6-BEA6-22E3E74E39FDfca845b6e70cfeb4dcaa0be0fc413d05de9bd728_1_690x923[1]0B59E9A4-937B-4D7F-B329-48C445E86AAFE211DAC8-A9D6-4824-9D3C-446FC4D9C3553025B235-90D3-40CA-979A-45344B86D9682BAB248A-9525-4C13-8A1C-473226068918


good info @clarkinks. At this point, I’ll just have to sit back and wait. Interestingly enough I noticed today that there are actually more fruiting blossoms that are about to pop…wonder why it didn’t blossom all at once??


I’ve seen pears set blossoms two times in a season many times. They say it happens more frequently in warmer places. In one aspect it’s bad because they have more chances of fireblight but in your case it’s good. I actually have concord seedless grapes that produce 2 crops every year.


FB was my main concern…don’t you think the FB would hit the new blossoms as well??


Yes fireblight will hit them so hit them with copper or antibiotic before they open.


sprayed some copper yesterday, hopefully I got to it in time…