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LOL! This is getting to be the Fruit Forum Version of ‘Who’s On First’ !!!


And . . . ‘Well what do ya know’??? I highlighted Cafeaulait’s ‘who’s on 1st’ comment . . . and “Quote” appeared - so I clicked on it - and a box opened up - annnnnnd . . .
Wallahhhhhh! I typed my reply to her reply to my reply . . . and it ended up right underneath the thing I was replying TO! And, THAT’s what I was asking about and what I wanted to be able to do!


What always happened before . . . was that my reply would end up all the way at the end of many other posts that were not necessarily about the specific ‘comment’ I was referring to. Does that make sense? Anyway - I stumbled upon how to get it how I wanted it . . .
Now all I have to do is REMEMBER IT! LOL


It only works that way if you are next person to post…


We have similar problems where I live . . . but not to that extent. I feel for you . . . that is a terrible thing to have to deal with.

I always say that every house around here should be built on, and strapped to, a steel-reinforced slab of concrete. $$$$ The ground is so wet and often unstable. Many homes in my area sink ‘unevenly’ and the slab would at least keep the structure connected ‘soundly’. Perhaps not level . . . but without the stress and fracturing. We also live in a ‘fly zone’ for the Navy . . . and there isn’t a nail in my house that has stayed put!

I grew up in Miami, and homes were built out of concrete block. I don’t remember anything ‘settling’ or going ‘out of square’. Too pricey, I guess, for Virginia. They build out of ‘toothpicks’ here. When I see new homes going up . . . it is VERY scary. Just sticks and boards and sheetrock . . . and they call it a house. Yikes.


Oh . . . great!


Yep . . . you are right. Oh well. Back to square one.


maybe a old septic system or foundation down there.


No idea. There are two mature trees and I had to hack one badly to open it up!


I hear you… But what makes me especially mad - we do NOT have soft ground. There are monolith rocks almost everywhere here. And if they just follow the rules of building foundations, it will not be any problem here… But I guess they had town inspector in their pocket… And looks like he was cheaper than proper foundation.


I looked at the history of the parcel - there was nothing here since 1800th. It was one deep sink, nobody wanted to build in. But in the boom of 2000th they built everywhere… So they filled whole thing with boulders, rocks, building trash and cheap no-garden-value rocky dirt. In order to plant anything I had to dig the holes mostly with a bar and pickaxe.Only very low portion of my yard has natural soil. The rest - raised beds - tons of compost and dirt (or should I say fill) I sifted out when I dig. My only hope the house will not fell one day…


Now you’ve confused me. I don’t know if you’ve figured out how to do what I thought you wanted to do.

It looks like you figured out how to post other posters’ quotes. I think. Or at least your own quotes. Or somesuch…


Mid upper 40s and mid 50s here so we worked on the Sycamore we are taking out, sprayed trees and I transplanted the strawberries, tomatoes and peppers I started into larger pots. I’m very stiff, but it is a good stiff.


There might be someone you could sue to recoup the costs


So I saw this ad on craigslist today and it isn’t that far from me. But I’m a bit perplexed! Outside of someone like @alan or other professional landscaper, I sure can’t imagine most people having the ability, equipment, or money to buy and move trees this big! And peach trees grow so fast that it seems like someone would be dumb to spend the money required to have a professional with appropriate equipment dig some of these up and move them to their house just to get peaches a year or two faster.
Oh well, just thought it was interesting!


Too late, I checked it. House was built in 2003. And even if it is not… I am holding farm operation on 0.15 a in the city. I have 2 cu yards of horse manure rotting on my property with different stages of decomposting. I have three currant bushes that are technically shouldn’t be here. And I am sure I am breaking a lot of other rules. I don’t want city inspector on my property) I feed my neighbors with veggies and fruit to keep them quiet )))


That’s pretty far upstate to get someone to come up there with a spade and gather trees. The problem is that Trump’s tax policy has helped kill real estate development in high tax states like NY. Those trees could be sold to landscapers developing new estates if the market was booming.

The rich will sometimes pay huge money for full-sized peach trees, even if it only gives them a couple years boost in harvest time. Peaches are my best money maker in my bearing age fruit tree nursery.


CRhode; Greetings from one Sheboygan-born.
Nicely and briefly put grafting checklist. I was the TA in a grafting class last Saturday & could not put it better. This class had 14 attendees, only two cut fingers - one of them my own. Laughed about it. About 100 varieties of scions, among them some pear and plum.

Later this week I hope to do some plum bench grafts. The trees out back will show me when it’s time to graft on them. With maybe 8 inches of snow standing and highs in the 50s for several days, I could be grafting outside in 10 days more.


It will be a fun puzzle to solve when you get the crops :blush: