What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


They should sprout new ones if the crowns are intact. I’ve often marveled at the resilience of strawberries.


I completely agree with you. I have some plants against my fenceline that I cut to the ground about 4 or 5 times a year, and dig up at least once, but they keep coming back. Those things seem to grow about a foot a day.


The roots those things can grow are unbelievably massive


Spent time in the orchard today. Apples are turning silver as are peaches and apricot buds are beginning to form. Hope there is no freeze in the future!


Spent time in the orchard today. Tying branches down, early as the leaves have yet to show but I’m going to be busy as my mom goes in for surgery so not going to have time later. Broke a good size branch off my Korean giant pear. Argh!!! Took a good size into the tree too. About halfway into it. Well at least it was six foot high and it’s on bet rootstock.


Felt and heard an earthquake a few hours ago! Jumped on Twitter to confirm, and we all figured it out before the official report came out, lol.

It sounded like something big could have blown up, so I’m glad it was just a 2.2 quake nearby.


Spent all morning bidding on my very first on-line land auction. I was bidding on a 70 acre piece of land that is 100% covered in timber (not ready to cut) and its on top of the highest mountain in a 100 mile radius (It snows up there when it rains 10 miles down). I learned on-line auctions are an awful way to try to buy land and I hope I never try again (I got outbid). Why do people sell land this way???!!!


Mollies is a pretty good overall apple in my opinion. It is med-large and ripens about August. At my location it is sweet and mild but not as sweet as Gala.


I went to a federal auction once. I thought it might be a good place to buy a car. They have military stuff, drug confiscated stuff, even street lights, fire trucks and contents of houses with jewelry. They pretty much have just about anything. I watched them pull the actioneir around on a pickup truck with a flatbed. He stopped next to a brand new pickup and read off his uction number and started the bid. It ran up to $16,000 and closed. That guy got screwed because we all thought he was auctioning the nice truck and it was the jalopy next to it! Anyway, when he auctioned the nice truck the bid went even higher with a few guys in suits holding briefcases. They were buying these vehicles to close to what you would pay at the used car lot so I never went back. The diesel generators on trailers look interesting from the military, but you don’t even know what your getting. It’s too risky to me. You really need to know your stuff.


I always wondered about those auctions. We have a state surplus property auction where the state sells anything state departments don’t need anymore. Much like you described, everything tends to go for equal or more than you could buy it on craigs list or a pawn shop. I guess in today’s world where it is easy for anyone to find out about such auctions and the value of things, there aren’t going to be any big steals anymore!


Our little earthquake was upgraded to a 2.6, so that helps explain the boom so many heard :slight_smile:


We saw two for N.C., both 2.6’s. How far from the epicenter are you?


Finishing the top working of my plums! What a job! Love my Felco small handsaw, just the perfect size for the job and sooo sharp!


Pictures, Mrs. G?


I did some substantial pruning on my multigraft mulberry today, with the goal of shortening it so I can easily pick the fruit… I removed the equivalent of a small tree from the top of the very first successful graft I ever made (three years ago, with duct tape). I get a real kick out of seeing how much that little stick has grown.

I also grafted a few sticks from elsewhere in the yard to it, mostly to test if this a good time to do mulberry grafting. Usually I wait until I see green.


Yes, the orchard is now loaded with huge branches! There are good reasons for not attending to all of this sooner. I have to seal the big cuts today. Will take pics!


15 miles. It was really close to the surface. It was the one in Archdale, NC. Our mountains are more used to it, like the other 2.6.

I felt the one along the east coast in 2012 much better. But that’s how I knew this was an earthquake! This one had the boom, which was new :slight_smile:


Yeah, I just cut the canes down to the ground. Some of them were about an inch thick. I should try to pull them up by the roots before things start greening up.


We had a 2.7 in Warrensburg, NY in 2013, probably 60 miles away as the crow flies from where we are in Cold Brook. I had never experienced one having lived in upstate NY all my life, and I couldn’t figure out what was happening at first. Records show that one was 6 miles deep.


Never gamble with the government, they always have marked deck :grin: