What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


When showing off my hunting spot those persimmon trees are always one of the first things I point out. I’ve been in a lot of timber and haven’t ran across any around here as big as these. It’s sad to lose a big one like that, but at least it’ll open up a little more canopy space for the other two to grow into.


Build from the wood something special.


Today I received another order from Baker Creek. I got a tissue-culture fig assortment, a couple of hardy russian pomegranate.


When did you order your plants? I want to get a Russian pomegranate and went to their website to check it out. Russian poms are all out of stock.


I ordered on May 9. It was 13 for the poms and 14 for the three assorted figs. 27 dollars shipped for all 5 plants.


That’s the game plan. I have no idea what I’m going to build with it, but now I’ve got the option to build something out of persimmon lumber.


Oh how I wish we had a Woodmaxx!


This was a strangely late winter, so all the apple blooms bunched up and finished in just 16 days: 8 cultivars. Bardsey, which reacts most to changing conditions, bloomed first with Redfield this year. Never before done that.
It has been hard to wait for grafting results when spring has been delayed. So I stripped Claygate Pearmain and Redfield of fruitlets so they can become trees this year. Will do the same with Hunt today, altho I want to leave at least one apple on it.

Yesterday determined some graft scions failed, so tried some others. Scratched Glockenapfel grafts and found moist green so will leave them alone until the end of the month.

Began covering Bardsey applets with fruit socks yesterday, will finish today, & probably cover most of the Connell Red fruits later this week - will leave some uncovered to learn how codling moths feel about 'em. Connell finished blooming just a week ago.
One Orléans Reinette graft broke bud by Monday, atop Rambour Franc. God keep it safe!


Johnny! It happens to be my second favorite apple, my first is Caville Blanc d’Hiver. Mott Pink is tart, with sweetness and perfect for tarts or eating fresh, or making pink applesauce. It’s a medium sized apple at best so do not expect a huge Jonagold! Taste is great!


I decided to double the nursery bed so I can plant out this years grafts and new trees, and I have some blueberry and elderberry from Nourse that will go here for now. This should also give me enough space to sort out last years failed grafts that haven’t yet been re-grafted, and any winter kill with the rootstock still alive.


You made my mouth water. If your still around this winter I wouldn’t mind trying a couple sticks if you don’t mind.


Really nice looking soil. Are you far from Claverack?


If I’m still here they are yours!


Great! thank you.


Southern edge of the Adirondacks, about 20 miles north of Utica, NY - The future orchard site is on the corner of Grant Rd and Pardeeville Rd, Cold Brook, NY if you want to see on Google.


Was out training branches and my pear tree on ohxf87 butirre prococe morretini has rust. Not sure if duchess angloume of harrow crisp has it, but all second year in ground. No I didn’t spray no fruit and no issues last year. So disappointed. Lesions are sticking up and orange. Ughh. Looked up and Bartlett is resistant. Might graft over all tree to nye russet Bartlett. Last thing I want to do is fight this all the time. My m7 apple trees are loaded and m111 not many but some all planted in 2015. Definitely gotta get to thinning soon don’t want biennial.


Flowers and trees blooming everywhere

DSC_0211 DSC_0207 DSC_0195


Hail. It should finish the few cherries we had left and knock off the almost ripe apricots. I am sure most of the apples, peaches, and nuts will be gone too.


Has to be very frustrating. Also nothing can be done about it…Sorry about your misfortune…


Shoot! I am so sorry.