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Thanks, Richard. It kinda looks like mine, but I need to allow mine to open up a bit more to make sure.

How did the peaches taste, what size, what kind of firmness, and when did you harvest them?

That’s funny, mine did too. I’m actually taking a break from weeding it and my other trees right now. Is yours blooming yet?


“How did the peaches taste, what size, what kind of firmness, and when did you harvest them?”

It was a very good peach - taste was excellent, one of the larger peaches I harvested (did not measure), was of medium firmness (towards hard side - Gloria peach would be considered hard) and I didn’t keep records last year on harvest date but it harvested in line with my other peach varieties. Color was good and I picked peaches off the tree for at least two weeks.

" Is yours blooming yet?" The pics were taken today. My peach bloom is all over the place this year - I have Dixie Red preaches and Red Chief nectarines that are nearing shuck split while Clayton and Lars Anderson Peach have just started to partially bloom. Clayton I think is an anomaly - I planted it this past winter, it is on St Julian which I think may be the reason for the late bloom.

My only worry about Coral Star is I do not believe it is frost hardy. - Spud


Thanks again. I want to fertilize my apple and peach trees now, I think this is the right time for it- all my peaches are blooming, and while my apples aren’t, they’re either showing fruit or leaf buds now. I think a pound of 10-10-10 would be sufficient per tree that needs it, not all mine do. Would you agree?


I fertilized my peach trees differently this year. I used 5-20-20 on my trees about two - three weeks ago which is very early for me. Over the past two days I fertilized them again with 34-0-0. I use two to four handfuls on medium/small trees of each rated fertilizer. On larger trees I eyeball it. In years past I used 10-10-10 and I fertilized between 40 and 50 trees (I am using 50 pound bags) so 1 pound sounds right to me. I have only over fertilized one year which caused excess foilage growth.


Thanks. I do have some 27-0-0 also, but I think I’ll do the triple ten first, a pound per tree. Maybe hit them with the high N fert in a month or so.

I had some 10-20-20, but think I’m out of it, I’d rather use that as the soil where the poorly performing trees are could use more P and K.


I’m trying something new and spraying Immunox on my Carmine Jewel and Juliet bush Cherries,instead of putting a tent over them,to protect from overly wet conditions,which only helped a little.The wet environment caused,what I think was Brown Rot Blossom Blight.
If this doesn’t work,they may get sent to Clark.bb


Myclobutynil/Immunox has worked well against CAR on my apples and cherry leaf spot on my Juliet and Black Gold.


Just finished, it started to rain, so decided to call it a day.

I weeded the Coralstar and Redhaven, did a little bit of pruning, added a bit of top soil, wrapped the trunks, and gave each tree a pound of triple-10.

Also did the same with the Honeycrisp, and did a bit of weeding, pruning, and fertilized my puny Golden Russet and Winecrisp apples. If they don’t respond to this treatment, they’re probably gonna get the axe. They’ve been in the ground 4 years and have hardly put on any growth.

While it was raining, I also just sprinkled a pound of fert on my two smaller pear trees.

Overall, a productive day. Next I need to tend to my raspberry row and gooseberries.


Well, it rained me out considerably earlier farther south in KY. So, I went shopping, for groceries. But couldn’t resist a quick garden center stop. So, I bought a very-well-limbed Pink Lady apple tree for $16. in a 2.5 gallon pot.
Not because I love Pink Lady, but because I will turn it into
another ‘Frankentree’ and will keep a limb for Pink Lady…bringing me to a total of 100 apple varieties if my arithmetic is correct…(assuming all my grafts this spring take…and the first half dozen certainly have). Hard to pass on a well-branched apple tree at that price.
(Probably M-111 root though…so no immediate cropping.)

Maybe some sunshine tomorrow…we can hope…and spray some oil on some trees…among other things.


I have Coralstar quite a bit later at +25. I update the ripening date a bit each year, but it generally doesn’t change much more than a day or two.

I really couldn’t get Coralstar trees to produce much. They do produce big fruit, and tasty. But I suspect that’s because the energy of the tree is going to so few fruit. That’s what I’ve learned through the years.

I currently have Contender at +21. Good peach with loads of blooms every year.




Interesting @BlueBerry, because I bought my Pink Lady on a whim because it was so well limbed with great angles and swirl of branches. Too bad everyone says its not a good eating apple. I did add a few grafts this year, so the start of a frankentree also.


Well, my “Coralstar” is loaded with blooms, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll all turn into harvestable fruit, though.

I have a question about the blooms. How long are they viable after they open up? All my peaches are blooming now and have varying degrees of “openness”, but I haven’t really seen any pollinators, especially bees working the flowers. Are they buzzing your trees now?

I know peaches are somewhat self-fertile, but they probably produce bigger fruit if they get cross-pollinated, correct? Does frequent rains cause the pollen to wash off, or become too sticky? We’ve had a couple heavy rains since the first blooms popped open last week. Thanks, Professor Mark!


I consider Pink Lady to be a great eating apple.


The Doodette asked me to get our taxes done, so I’m kinda stuck inside with it being a really nice day out there, sunny and 66. I’m taking frequent breaks, of course.

Got my fruit tree work (weeding, staking, fertilizing) done yesterday. But, still need to weed the strawberry patch, and the raspberry and blackberry runs soon.


Last night we had frost. At 6 in the morning it was -4°C (24.8 Fahrenheit). Luckily most fruit trees are still far away from flowering. This night there will be frost again.
Poor little Schlüsselblumen had too cold.


You get to put off the taxes til July!


I have heard a lot of people here enjoy Pink Lady ask Cripp’s Pink. Just ask @alan.

I have tasted a few of mine these past two years. They are all right for me. It would be better if it is not a very late season apple for my area.


True, but we want to get the money back before anything else can happen.

They changed the forms around, can’t say that they’re easier to navigate. Have so many to add to just the 1040 form. I’m taking my time doing them, for sure. I hope to get them finished tonight.

We have to do state returns, too, but I’ll do those probably tomorrow. I imagine they have extended the due date, too.


We’re seeing typical Rocky Mountain spring weather:

It will be great for the lettuce/spinach/peas I seeded a couple of weeks ago! Maybe …